Trends in the Healthcare Industry – 2020


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The intelligence which can think and decide like humans, gave entirely new sector in the healthcare industry. The diagnosis process is been improved with speed and accuracy with the help of AI applications. The application helps the doctors and practitioners to look into the approach early.

FDA recently approved the first AI-based diagnostic device which looks into the images and examines to detect the problem. The image is uploaded through the algorithm and, it is proved that 87% of the time the application detected cases correctly. Also, 90 % of the time it detected right for individuals without the disease.

Microsoft is developing project InnerEye, an AI tool for radiotherapy. The opportunity for technologies in the Healthcare industry is immense and, we can see more of IoMT and AI-based devices in Hospitals.


The cost saving can be saved in the healthcare system by installing an AI-based chat system that would answer all the routine questions. This process helps the physicians to focus on problems that need more of their attention than the simple questions from the patients. There can be a separate system designed to address the older patients wherein with connecting with AI-based or other applications the system can remind them of the drug interactions.

Chatbots are heavily changing the perspective in the industry and, the Healthcare industry will have a greater impact on the same. UCLA has a chatbot designed with the IBM Watson platform and designed with Natural Language processing which allows reading the question and answering intuitively. The chatbots should not be seen as the replacement when the risk includes threats of patients.

Data Science and Predictive Analytics:

When a doctor deal with a patient with chronic disorders will help to generate great information, but compressing all the available into an actionable insight would be a challenge. Predictive Analytics and Data Science have made it possible wherein we can input information about the patient’s ancestry and family histories which helps to diagnose the problem much faster and accurately.

We can also improve the efficiency within the healthcare system once we feed in information about the current information and the days the hospital has treated him would help us predict the future need of the diagnosis. With more information being drawn from applications like IoMT or AI-based application will allow us to design the analytics in a better manner.


Secure, portable, accessible are the prominent things that we would look when we discuss on the healthcare information. Saving the patient information and the healthcare records in a secured ledger format is the next step in data saving. Allowing the patients and Doctor to permit if they can share the data for research or secure it within.

The FDA signed for research to initiate the process to design on the IBM Watson platform and test on how such a system would work in 2017.

As digital transformation is the next thing to look into in the Healthcare industry. We will keep you posted with the updated news.


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