Wearables – are they the new favourite?


With the wearables shifting towards Healthcare the market is picking up critical market value. In this pandemic, with the growing health care awareness among the youngsters. There is a steady and substantial growth in the market, the market is affected by the type, technology, also the geography. Smartwatches, Smart glasses, fitness devices, earphones, wearable cameras, and much more are finding their way in the market. The smartwatch market has seen the steep double-digit growth and is still growing at a significant rate. Global market leaders like Apple and Fitbit are way ahead in the market setting new trends and launching the models that are adored by the young generation. The miniatures are stealing the show. The smart textile market is going to find a full-fledged market by 2025, where already there are few players and which is also an open stage for the new performers.

The smart consumer products are used as the metabolic sensors of blood pressure, heart rate, and much more, IoT finds applications in the smart wrists in providing continuous monitoring. In the pandemic where the access to the gym has been the least, the wearables helped people monitor their activity, from counting steps to the calories burnt. In comparison to smartphones that can also run many health care app, one benefit of the wearables is that its always on your body.

Post pandemic as one resume work the wearables are going to find their way into your office along with you and help you maintain a 6ft distance always. Based on data collected by a COVID positive person on his Fit bit or any health device, a reverse algorithm calculation is under process to detect the COVID 19 symptoms. The head-mounted display is going to be the biggest hit of the decade. Immersive Head-Mounted display is a source to experience Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Athletes suggested embracing wearables. Quite a few countries are also planning to out wearables for the military. With the increasing utility of wearables, there also arises the concern of data security. Gaming with the wearables makes it much efficient as well. Many individuals choose to wear a mix of wearables. Smart rings are also hitting the market, activating the panic button during any situation.


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