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Employee Self- service and Manager Self-service is needed in HR functions so that it can be increasingly adaptive for both the employee and the HR manager. Most firms are still purchasing the tools, but in a large organization it’s considered as a burden on Manager and hence some firms are choosing the shared-service center where HR administrators provide the services to the line managers. But either way, the organizations must figure out the best options for the employees. The technologies embedded with AI and machine learning is deployed. AI is already in use for the recruiting process, where the first round of interviews is generally scheduled based on the questionnaire handled by AI. AI algorithms are used to analyze the in-demand talent which might not be either easy to analyze, about qualities like social and news sentiments, leadership, and many such receptive characters for a recruiter.

Evolution in technology also implies that the HR Team must be trained in reskilling strategies for workers, most HR teams are not ready for future performance as they lack technical skills. The corporates are hence taking up virtual learning platforms with modernized learning management systems for learning and training which can be appealing to the young workers. Companies are moving to the cloud-based HRMs payroll. This also reduces the risk of human error in the data input process, since it’s flexible and easier to update it save business time and money.

HR Managers are also much keen on inculcating the usage of wellness apps among the employees to monitor the physical and mental wellness and also to ensure that the employee is monitored so that they deliver their best performance and empower the employee if need be.

Blockchain is also finding its way in the HR management, being an ever-growing database which can not be copied, blockchain increases transparency and improves overseas electronic payroll. It also solves the certification issues and prevents any fraud. Routine automation and processing heavy data are just a finger click away with the Blockchain technology. Apps are also trending in the market that can help the HR team to analyze the performance of the employees in every possible aspect. This also increases competence amongst the employees and motivates the employees by tracking and appreciating their accomplishments It also helps the HR Teams of large organizations to assess and track the applications. It helps in better and non-biased decision making.

Clarity of Vision creates Clarity of Priorities – John . C. Maxwell.


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