How you can overcome racial discrimination in the workplace: CEO In-charge


How you can overcome racial discrimination in the workplace: CEO In-charge: The racial injustice we create is within ourselves not in the outside world. Maybe wrong teaching in the past, the wrong example given or wrong decision from outside may have made us think about the discrimination with color however, the recent reminder after Floyd’s death is just an alarm to change ourselves and change the way we think and react.

What can a CEO and employees do to have a better working environment and mutual respect in the workplace? Here are a few changes you can make in the organization which will create a better environment.

Call an employee to sit with him and discuss the current situation of the protest, what he or she been going through during this protest. Be patient to learn their request and support them with your thoughts the way of convincing and making them realize you will be there for them will help you have a better connection with the employee. A person who reacts would feel happy once one from the senior management called and spoke about the scenario the trust will help them feel better.

Take action to guide a person of color identify people within your organization and take action to train them better if they are doing good and always make your other senior leaders follow the same. Go out of the box to give them access to what their talent deserves which most of them don’t get.

Aim for an objective selection process, Make sure your organization and the human resource department in your organization follow the equality and get talents lined up for you with the job they deserve not the color they are. Make it a rule to go with talent oriented not color oriented.

Have a diverse leadership team, It was never a rule with only white being in the leadership roles, recognize the talent get them in the leadership role when you discuss, make decisions, create equality in the company and the belief in diversity would change the world.

Change your thoughts: Go out join a diverse community stop believing in what others speak believe in yourself meet people when you join the community you will better understand in their perspective than your perspective. Challenge to think in a better way, make your children, family follow it, and be a role model for them. The better you teach now to your kid the better they learn tomorrow. Your employees are not less than a family share with them and make them understand things and support them to change themselves.

Speak publicly: When you have decided to change the thoughts and the way it is being functioned in the organization and your self then make sure you go out publicly and speak, It should never be a scenario where you just speak great things inside the office but don’t follow it outside. You have to be with the same thought everywhere and as a leader, you should lead by examples

These changes are not only for the organization or the environment within the organization as a human being its time for us to lead by examples and how others on how it would be a better world tomorrow. You can do small things like sharing a ride, carpooling, catching up on weekends, and many more which will make you understand people and be the one for them when needed.
It is time to get this in action, not in thoughts…


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