Human Augmentation – Genesis of New Era


Human Augmentation – the first phase is replication, replication of anything that a typical human being can do to assist those individuals who lack the ability. Some companies are the players in the market who provide the dexterity to the individuals whose digits are amputated. A wearable device that enables the legally blind individuals to see their environment – the device is capacitated with a camera that takes in the near-eye quality image displaying it in front of the wearer’s eye.

The portals that convert sign language into speech and speech into sign language acts as a personal translator to the deaf. This business is all set to expand into smartphones so which can make the sign-language a common man’s language in the coming days. Restoring hearing ability is a need without having an external hearing device. This particular technology hasn’t yet hit the market full fledge and still is in the initial stage. It will soon be a boom in the medical industry.

A wearable medical device that can facilitate the individual with artificial strength, and stoicism, is categorized as an exoskeleton. The medical-device will help the workers to carry out the tedious task with heavy machinery without any physical strain and proceed with a repetitive task. Portals that create the brain-computer interface are under trial. The portal will allow the individuals to interact with the computers at the neural level.

A profession that needs access to multiple foreign languages can now opt for the set of earbuds through which the real-time conversations are translated and heard. Vision augmentation is popular because and is the most used application by the individuals. Design collaboration and 3D computer-aided design is the device used to train the employees about virtual reality.

Extending the wings augmentation also capacitates the individual to fly up to 400-500ft over a skateboard. The devices are available in the market for sale but at a higher price than affordable by an individual. Human Cloaking is the field where most of the creative minds are putting in their 200%. As of now, technology has enabled us to make objects and surface invisible. Recreation of mammal blood cells that can store more oxygen is the topic of the town. Mammals like whales, dolphins can hold the breath for long-duration underwater and, that needs to be augmented. Nanobots are the new Robots to be engineered into the human body to target the diseased cells or cancerous cells, where the interaction is at the nanoscale. Neuroscientists are also working on incorporating synthetically designed chips into the human brain that has a better memory.

“I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.” —Tim Cook.


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