Healthcare Technology trends 2020: “The Next Market”

The inevitable change in consumer and patient behavior is the next major change we have to wait and watch in the Healthcare Industry. All the healthcare startups and the big technology giants have to focus on building patient and consumer trust.  The bigger organization can look for acquiring startups or collaborate with the new companies to overcome the technology barrier.

The healthcare technology market is supposed to hit $206billion by 2020 and as mentioned the main focus from the company will be focusing on the consumer-centric approach. The trends we see at the start of the year will remain the same meanwhile, we always look for better and improved technology in every step. Below are some of the technology which would be the prime focus in the coming years:


With a waiting period of a citizen increased to 18-24.5 days from 2014 has led people to rely more on telemedicine. People are adopting telemedicine technology and have access to meet specialists too.  The major change in the U.S healthcare system is Telemedicine. In collaboration with EHR, the patients especially in remote areas can forward the reports to the doctor directly and get an expert opinion.

The adoption of Telemedicine has increased drastically and with the current situation like COVID 19, it is always feasible for a patient to get connected online and get them treated faster than visiting the hospital and risking them with the pandemic. The usage of Telemedicine tech has increased by 2.9 times, We hope to have more and more advanced Telemedicine technologies and Telehealth from the tech giants which will simplify the patient’s life also overcome the current situation.

Internet of Medical Things:

We have seen more cases where combining IoT, telehealth, and telemedicine technology the doctors could successfully track the chronic illness. With all these advancements we have a separate technology for the healthcare market as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). The market of IoMT is projected to touch $136billion by 2021. There are more than 50% of the operations in the Healthcare Field have adopted IoT, IoMT and it is expected to increase the percentage to 85% by next year.

Providing continuous support and collecting information from the various device would be a point to work on for the tech giants as it is connected to many devices and with the huge amount of data being processed at once it would also be a point of data security. Currently, all the tech companies are working to overcome the current situation. The data connectivity and improving the microcontrollers and smartphones can be the next thing to look at to avoid losing data.

AR/VR/MR in Healthcare:

Advances which was once imagined are a reality now with the arrival of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Industry. Right from teaching to students explaining the current situation and planning for the major process in healthcare is taken over by AR/VR.

Maplewood Senior Living in Connecticut has utilized VR headsets to work with individuals who have concerns ranging from dementia to cognitive impairments. This has helped to a lot of information virtually and allowed the patient to get back their good memories and situation. Putting the patient into a robust environment is the next challenge to get better information on the diverse interactions which is or else available only during the physical interaction.

AR in the healthcare industry is offering one of the major technology by allowing the doctors to access the 3D information on the real world. The technology also permits the doctors to stay stable and have access to all the other information available through various technology. Event students can access and explore the information in an interface that helps them to explore more…


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