Healthcare Technologies to look forward in 2020


Over the last decade, healthcare is been the prime focus in technology advancement and technology implementation. The healthcare market is expected to reach $390 billion by 2024, meanwhile, the healthcare expenditure for the US is expected to be $5.4 trillion by 2024 with an annual growth of approximately 20%. U.S. Healthcare IT Market to reach $149.17 billion by 2025. The Healthcare technology trends would be of keen interest to look for the technology solution providers as well as the end users.

The top industry of the USA is leading in adopting advanced technologies with ease of implementation and a small change in technologies has a greater impact on the healthcare market. Below is a list of future trends in healthcare market that would be forefront in the technology advancement in 2020 for the Healthcare industry.

Internet of Things:

IoT has always helped the healthcare market to work in an efficient way and has simplified the process of patient monitoring. We can track devices wheelchair, pumps, etc real-time with the sensors attached to the equipment. It would be more simple to track the wearable devices which help to monitor user’s health.

2-3D Printing:

We are much closer to patient-specific care than ever before. Prosthetics is always ahead in creating a personalized version for every individual. Creating a damaged tissue or re-building a damaged tissue was never in thoughts but 3D Printing has changed it from visualizing anatomy to a printed model of any part or tissue. Here are the used cases which have set a trailblazing technology environment within the industry. The cost of traditional manufacturing is double than of 3D Printing.

Natural Language Processing: As AI technology is being dominated in most of the industry and healthcare being the major focus, NLP is a specialized section of AI focused on the interpretation of human spoken or written data. Analyzing the clinical notes is a difficult task as it would pile up in folders and it would be difficult to analyze. The NLP would simplify the process as the notes will be transferred and interpreted by the technology. Detecting the high-risk patient is always difficult with the lack of information and NLP would help to overcome this with the predictive analytics technology added to it. Healthcare Industry will see a drastic change with the NLP advancement in 2020.

Healthcare Cloud Computing:

The cloud-based solution has always been easier to access patient records and the consultation process more efficient and timely. Telemedicine would be easier and with great ease wherein the line consultation and video conferencing. The organization is shifting towards cloud computing and it is cost-effective and portable. Healthcare industry and the secure database with cloud computing will have a better value in todays market.

Healthcare technology and advanced services are focused on providing better health for patients in a cost-effective and timely manner. As we look forward to more technology implementation and cost-effective and timely treatment for patients and 2020 awaits with a more customized solution in the healthcare sector.



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