Engaging the Employee for Better Productivity with Technological Assistance


To boost employee engagement in the companies collaboration solution is embraced by most of the organizations, provided the collaboration must be in an environment that is familiar to the employee so that they do not feel out of place. There are portals used by the globally distributed business organizations to collaborate the employees of the same company from across the horizons, to transfer the knowledge across, limiting not only to this one facet the portal also gives access to the new employee to view the company’s field of functionality and also helps them build the rapport within the company.

Most of the employees who do not enjoy attending meetings incorporating technology will be a better approach. Including videos, gifs, memes in the presentations will have the attention of the crowd. Choosing live streaming portals in this pandemic to reach the individuals working remotely, which allows multiple applications to be accessed amidst the meeting, this will entertain as well as motivate the Team to perform better. Bringing in real-time polling in the company meeting to seek the employee opinion is another way to keep the meeting live and happening. This can be app-driven and, every employee can have this application on their phone and run the polls.

For the organizations that are target driven an application like a gaming app would keep the employees on toes to achieve the target allocated to individuals. The application can have leader boards, badges, levels, rewards, and challenges. The leader board can showcase the target for the month or the quarter, for every business generated the employee earns a badge. The target can be split into different levels, and for every level reached the employee can get a picture of incentive earned. The rewards need not be the actual display of the amount earned but the reward points which can be encashed by the employee.

Bringing one’s device is not allowed in most of the organizations, wherein according to a survey most of the employees prefer bringing their device to work. To protect the data securely, every organization can develop portals that can be tracked from every employee’s device and also with the security set up that flags every time there is a security breach. Employee recognition tools are also in use these days. These portals analyze employee productivity and loyalty without the knowledge of employees and can be used to announce the best employee every month or every quarter.

A workplace filled with and driven by employees with positive attitude vibrates continually to te tune of service excellence and passionate team success. – Ty Howard.


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