Europe eases Covid rules by lifting the mandatory masks for flights and airports

Europe Covid rules are relaxed by lifting airport and flight masks

May 17, 2022: -The European Union has planned to take away its mask mandate for passengers on flights and in airports from Monday, after an update to guidelines for the aviation industry.

The recommendation for wearing medical masks in airports and on board a flight is being dropped on May 16, EU’s Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said in the previous week while adding that a face mask is still the best to protect against the Covid-19 transmission.

The updated guidance considers the latest developments in the pandemic, “in particular the levels of vaccination and acquired immunity, and the accompanying easing of restrictions in an increasing number of European countries,” the EASA said.

The move is a huge step forward and broadly aligns with public transport rules across Europe, according to EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky.

“For passengers and aircrews, this is a huge step forward to normalize air travel. Passengers should behave responsibly and respect others’ choices as well. And a passenger who is coughing and sneezing should consider wearing a face mask to reassure those seated nearby.” 

However, the ECDC’s Director Andrea Ammon said that “while risks do remain, we have seen non-pharmaceutical interventions and vaccines have made our lives normal.”

There are hopes that the mask removal mandates will be a shot in the arm to an aviation and tourism industry reached hard over the last two years, as a huge number of people have put off traveling while there have been extra layers of Covid requirements, from Covid tests and vaccinations to passenger locator forms and mask-wearing onboard aircraft.

Many countries have lifted the Covid testing requirements for completely vaccinated travelers, and passenger locator forms as the big numbers of their populations are vaccinated with both doses and booster shots.

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