Amazon unveils new wireless earbuds that are small, cheap, and have better noise cancellation


April 15, 2021: -On Wednesday, Amazon announced the second version of its Echo Buds headphones that are small and begin at $99 while promising few features found in Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro.

Amazon’s latest efforts are earbuds to lure people who don’t want Apple and attract those who want to use Echo products and bring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to their ears where ever they go in the Bluetooth range.

The new Echo Buds include noise cancellation, such as AirPods Pro. Amazon said they block two times as much background noise as the first model. The feature makes for better listening in places like airplane cabins or crowded streets.

Amazon has addressed many of the complaints I had with the first version of Echo Buds. They’re 20% even more small than the first generation and are supposed to be more comfortable thanks to a redesign and various rubber tips with the headphones.

They also come with a carrying case that’s 40% more compact than the older model. Finally, the patient uses a more modern USB-C charger you might already have for your laptop, tablet, or phone.

You can also opt for an upgraded case that supports wireless charging, a feature also offered by Apple, for $20 extra. Each bud has three microphones to help improve audio quality in noisy environments, Amazon said. They’ll also help Alexa hear you better and improve your voice clarity in phone calls.

There are a couple of new software features. Amazon introduced a feature to help you find your lost earbuds by just saying “Alexa, find my buds,” for instance, similar to Apple’s Find, My software. Alexa will also offer public transit directions in seven cities, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Jersey City, and Philadelphia. Support for other cities will launch in the coming months, Amazon said.

Amazon says the second-generation Echo Buds will offer five hours of music playback with noise cancellation and up to four hours of call time. The case offers up to 15 additional hours. The Echo Buds will launch in March in white and black. They’ll start at $99 for the regular model or $119.99 for a version with the wireless charging case.

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