Blockchain is the next market to study


A collateral record-keeping technology, which associates decentralized Distributed Ledger technology, is known as Blockchain Technology. Whenever a document is created and shared with a group, the document instead of being copied gets distributed. And that’s why it is decentralized.

Blockchain is free, which simply implies that any business or industrial structure that relies on charging a small fee for the transaction can have the benefit. This cuts off the middleman brokerage in most of the transactional information-oriented businesses. There shouldn’t be any question on trust or security of the database. Every database is stored with a unique signature and not in the form of a name or contact number. A data is shared across the millions of networks and even though the information shared is a replica, the manipulation isn’t possible. Because remaining requires the change in all the blocks and not an individual block at the access point.

Blockchain is open and available for the public that is free and accessible to any individual. Also, there are private blockchain networks that are governed and need access to permission and are owned by the companies. Blockchain is a free platform that is a boon for many upcoming professionals or musicians or authors. A new music composer or a singer can launch his music free of cost or with minimal charge via Blockchain. This saves the amount paid for the music companies for the release and the charges paid to the distributors.

One can read articles or watch movies or watch desired events by paying only for the particular thing of interest and not subscribe to the channels offered. Authors can directly be the sellers by getting their books encoded via Blockchain that’s where they can avoid bargaining with the publishers and save on the brokerage paid to the distributors. A budding author doesn’t have to wait for a Publisher to launch him. In the Field of Finance, all the Banks and the service providers concerning the stock exchange, loans, and insurance can be surpassed and directly accessed by the customers. All the cryptocurrencies are established on the same technology like Blockchain.

By coding the personal transactional information one can book a cab ride or a stay at the resort without paying commission to the booking sites. One can also encode the Property documents on the blockchain makes the selling and buying of property much convenient than digging into files every time. Patients can also code all the medical reports and store them with a security key so that the data can be accessed, in case of emergency, maybe by the closest relative. Voting can also be carried out via Blockchain where the votes of the individual will be encoded and the results displayed later can be transparent without any manipulation.

Look at the market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy. Profit from folly rather than participate in it – Warren Buffet.


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