Clear Communication is the mantra for success


The leaders are observed and gauged based the communication skill. If you are not able to communicate the message or information to the team, then it is never worth being a leader. In an organization, clear communication would build a better relationship between the management and the employee. There will be a healthy environment within the company. The employees will be ready for the next situation in the process.

Listed are a few guiding principles to have clear communication within the organization:

–       Avoid over-communicating: In a world of technology-driven environment, people are said to communicate less within certain word count to be it effective. When email communications are changed to text messages or Whatsapp group communication, we have to be more specific on what we talk about. As a leader, we have to make sure the information communicated to the team or other employees are sufficient to understand the requirement.

–       Remove suspense: We often attend meetings where we are not aware of what discussions are planned, but still, we go to the meeting room. It is better to let your teammates and other employees know what is the meeting about and let them come prepared. When the agenda of the meeting is decided upfront and known to the people attending the meeting, it would be easier to find the solution. Remove these barriers within the organization for better communication and make sure to let your employees involved in these conversations. When employees are involved in any discussion the involvement and results will be much better compared to dictatorship in work.

–       Do not avoid feedback communication:  The more you give feedback on the process the better is the performance from the employees. There will be a downfall in many processes, and as management, the management team should communicate and support the employees to overcome the situation.  Positive and negative feedback, both go hand in hand for a better result in the company.

Clear communication is the guiding path for the vision of a company. The better you communicate with the employees and within the team, the better will be the result. Employee retention and productivity will increase upon involving everyone in the conversation and giving effective feedback. Productivity increase only when there is a good environment to work and, clear communication plays a prominent role in success.


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