Beware of your data as social media sites are highly manipulative


The team NATO – the strategic communication for excellence found that the fraudulent activities are very high in the social media sites such as facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. The survey emerged as a great alarm to both the users and owners of the social media sites because it may turn very risky as it is quite easy to cheat people.

The fraudulent messaging was drastically increased after 2016 U S elections, controlling it would be a greater challenge. Now as the elections are at the peak, these activities are going to be manifold.

The survey research found that the companies spent just $ 300, to purchase / sell the fake social media engagements which covers 3500 comments, 25,000 likes, 20,000 views and to get 5000 followers. So cheap and amazing!

The team also identified 18, 739 social media accounts social media accounts declared as fake by the research committee, but around 95% of the accounts still found to be operating even after three weeks. It shows how deep they are in the system.

Majority of the accounts held were from the commercial companies, but they were also 721 political pages engaged in these activities.

The study was reported to all social media sites and it was found that Twitter reacted very fast by removing fake comments and retweets, Facebook followed Twitter but Youtube was worst in blocking the malicious activities in their social sites.

The study can be an alarm towards all the social media site users because of the fraudulent messages, you can be an easy trap. Definitely loosing time, energy, money and peace of mind. All the corresponding social media sites have assured that they would take the matter seriously and work on to upgrade their system in order to safeguard consumer interests.



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