Be Self Aware to be more successful as a Leader!


Self-aware people are the most dynamic and goal-oriented people you can always approach for a better suggestion from them. We as humans are capable to understand what is the strength we can rely upon and what is the weakness we should avoid. A leader who is self-aware of his strength and weakness is aware of how and when to rely on others and when not to do it.


In an era where the profession and position in the organization are decided with the degree, you have in hand rather than the interest and the talent you possess. We see a lot of people enter a profession which they are not aware of and work for a few days and call themselves as an expert wherein real they are not. Taking risks of the profession with others’ expense is what we can see in these days.

The Self-aware people are more successful or the icons in leadership today we see are people who are self-aware of their strengths and weakness. It would be the first stepping stone when you enter a leadership role in an organization. What are the ways we can change self-awareness:


  1. Stop Trusting yourself: We have to communicate and speak to friends family to understand how they look at us and what is the honest feedback from them. We should not decide ourselves every time we had to decide something it may be in an organization or your family.
  2. Always keep the experience of bad choices in mind: We as leaders have to keep remembering the wrong choices we made and what is the learning from the same would help us understand the situation and what are the changes we need to take. We have to reduce the time we label ourselves.
  3. Cut down the artificial world: We tend to be in an era where we have a piece of music for every mood we have we have a movie to do everything we need and we have social media to waste time which usually makes you forget things on what your focusing and lead you to an artificial world. You tend to forget things once you get into the situation which is not real. We tend to imagine ourselves as heroes and villains in the movie where the fantasy world takes over your real-world scenario.
  4. Never portray yourself as an expert: We often tend to be in a situation where we would know just a gist of the topic and we claim to know the entire subject for that matter and this is leading in the wrong way a person who says I know everything is a fool. If you observe the scientist the leaders in today’s world always be silent and they never let go of what they know similarly the topic and the knowledge what you have is just a tip of the iceberg and we should not boost the same.
  5. Pop Psychology is a slow poison: Start thinking yourself than blindly believing in the third person thought leadership or a thought leader explains which is not what you are?


Get over yourself there is always a small space of ego in you that tends to overcome the thoughts and try to overestimate the situation without the actual knowledge. Be aware of what is your ability and the weakness to be the best leader which people would rely upon soon.


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