Trump returns to X, previously known as Twitter

August 28, 2023: Retired President Donald Trump posted to X, previously Twitter, for the first time since his recess from the platform, returning to share his mugshot in the Georgia election interference case.

The post-Thursday raises whether X will become an essential channel for Trump’s election efforts moving forward. The former president has more than 86 million followers on the platform.

Trump’s previous tweet is from January 8, 2021, announcing he would not attend the inauguration of President Joe Biden that month. Trump was soon after kicked off the platform entirely as Twitter’s leaders feared he could further incite violence there, following the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol two days prior.

He moved to his own social media platform, Truth Social, created by the Trump Media & Technology Group. When billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter and eventually reversed the permanent ban on Trump, the former president didn’t even return to the service, sticking with Truth.

Thursday was the first time Trump has broken his silence on the social network since being reinstated. He shared his mugshot taken earlier that day with the words “Never Surrender!” and then the address for his website raising money for his presidential campaign.

Still, Trump published on Truth after sharing the mugshot on X, “I love social truth, It is my home!!!”

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp, which is seeking to take TMTG public via merger, were down more than 3% on Friday.

Trump is being charged in Georgia with several alleged crimes, including racketeering and fraud, linked to his efforts to maintain the presidency after he failed the 2020 election.

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