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Geneviève Biron

Founder & President

Geneviève Biron is a dedicated leader who brings an optimistic view of the business world to everything she does. Driven by a passion for innovation, she transforms her vision into concrete solutions via dynamic collaboration and partnerships with fellow business leaders.

She works tirelessly to advance society by fostering positive social and environmental initiatives. Putting people and communities at the heart of her work, she strives to improve the quality of life for all through visionary ideas and entrepreneurship.

Her vision: to support technological solutions that improve the well-being of people, communities and the planet:

“It’s undeniable and fundamental: we are all interconnected. That’s why we invest in companies that contribute to social progress, improve our quality of life, spur economic growth, and employ sustainable practices to build more resilient and prosperous business ecosystems.”

Geneviève enjoys collaborating with people who share her vision and ambition for building great businesses, and has built a resilient and ambitious team motivated to follow her example and achieve great positive change. This pioneering leader sees things clearly, and with that clarity of thought guides Propulia Capital to seize the opportunities that lead to a better future. As the world deals with the impacts of massive environmental and societal change, she acts with the understanding that the pillars of tomorrow are being built today.

Entrepreneur at heart

Born into her family’s company, Geneviève oversaw its operations in all aspects, from HR to compliance. After many years of success in these roles, she channelled her entrepreneurial spirit to transform the business model where she saw room for improvement. Thanks to an innovative business strategy, she convinced key partners and stakeholders to adopt new methods employing cloud technologies and digital tools so that all could realize their full potential together. With her characteristic optimism and negotiating skills, Geneviève ensured the plan was executed successfully. As a result of this initiative, the business grew significantly and she was then appointed President, a position she held for seven years.

The audacity to disrupt still drives Geneviève’s vision. Today, her goal is to develop a thriving ecosystem of startups that support one another and benefit from each other’s intelligence, data and automated processes to build tomorrow’s business leaders.

In addition to creating economic opportunities, Geneviève seeks to leverage solutions that improve the well-being of people, communities, and the planet.

Inspiring & Empowering

Geneviève’s leadership style is defined by her generosity and genuineness. Her tireless work ethic inspires colleagues to follow her lead. She always seeks to ensure positive outcomes for all partners. Her ability to trust her team makes working with her a pleasure: despite 30 years of success, she remains a humble colleague who understands the value of teamwork. As a leader, she encourages her teams to be authentic and work in synergy. By keeping things in perspective, promoting balance, ethics, and resilience, and fostering fun in the workplace, Geneviève sets a powerful example. According to her partner, Nathalia Del Moral, “Geneviève sees the best in all of us and helps us see it too. Working with her is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the trusts she puts in you helps you flourish to become your best self.”

Intuitively and naturally, Geneviève has always cared for the people around her and each individual’s particular situation. Her motto has always been to consider, listen and be curious about others – she learned that this was the best way to develop a strong ecosystem of relationships that help your business prosper, because caring for people allows you to focus on aligning everyone’s interests. “When we are aligned then we thrive,” she argues.

As an entrepreneur she strongly believes that a strong value proposition should be drastically different from what already exists. Being an entrepreneur is not about creating iterations of business models, but about creating true disruption. This is what strong leaders bring, what strong businesses do: delivering innovation that changes the game by breaking the rules. “It is no longer possible to manage business like we use to by planning three years ahead. We have to be agile and constantly challenge ourselves in the way we manage our businesses. It goes hand in hand with being humble and being constantly curious of life and the opportunities ahead,” adds Geneviève.

Building a strategy

According to her, the industry is on the cusp of a 4th revolution, driven by high-speed Internet, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, networks, and discoveries in biology and genetics. “Innovations are transforming how we live and solve society’s biggest issues. Disruptive change is constantly happening, and at a very fast pace,” she explains. “Climate change, rising inequalities, and an economic system that generates negative outcomes are problems that will transform our lives and businesses for worse if we do not address them. Innovation and collaboration are key to solving these issues, and we need to bet on the most transformative ones that will have a positive impact. At Propulia, we want to help visionary entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality – we believe that it is the key to a prosperous society for generations to come.Though venture capital may appear mature and saturated, it is in constant transformation: the field continues to grow, and the needs of entrepreneurs evolve. At Propulia we see an opportunity to disrupt the early-stage funding model and accelerate start-up success with the right strategic support and mentorship. We partner with software platforms that leverage data and algorithms to improve and transform their industry. And we invest early, since business cycles have shortened significantly, then continue the journey with our partners.”

Propulia Capital is a complementary team of experts with a track record of successfully implementing and managing growth strategies across different industries. These business operators put their experience and playbook at the service of the truly disruptive innovations that will shape tomorrow.

“We harness the power of networks and develop strategies that have the capacity to evolve as fast as the environment they are in, by aligning interests and increasing resilience,” notes Geneviève. “We speed up growth processes by learning from each experience and we spend time in research and development so that operations are as innovative as the ideas they promote.”

A unique vision, along with the quality of the relationships they develop, is what continually come back to Geneviève and co. as feedback from partners and clients. Propulia Capital truly believes in their pioneers of progress, and they back this belief with excellent support: not to change them, not to tell them what to do, but to propel their growth and development because their ideas are necessary for our greater prosperity. By sharing their accumulated expertise and wisdom, Propulia ensures they reach their potential through the challenging journey of entrepreneurship.

Propulia Capital are well-positioned in this role as they live and breathe disruption. They know it’s risky. They embrace it. The company understands that society can progress via the business world through innovation. They invest in new ideas to create a more promising future. Three key aspects that sets Propulia Capital appart:

  1. Helping entrepreneurs see the double materiality of their business, how they impact the world, and how the world impacts their business, as an outcome a sound sustainability strategy to help take better decisions and power resilient and impactful businesses.
  2. A C-suite team of experts at their service: Propulia Capital guides founders and business leaders by delivering a unique leadership program, tailored to their needs, to promote sustainable growth.
  3. Innovative culture: Drawing inspiration from pooling and harnessing the values of all leaders they work with, Propulia Capital helps entrepreneurs create a culture of innovation built on collaboration with contributions from all team members. This attracts the best and most talented people powering the most creative businesses.

Towards the Future

Under Geneviève’s leadership, Propulia Capital understands innovation brings transformational change, and that such change must be given direction to ensure results are ethical and positive for all.

Amidst the big transformational revolutions Geneviève and her team empower; they try and answer the big questions that in turn give meaning to the innovations they help develop. For example, what impact will the next wave of technologies have on work culture and social order? How will these technologies and geopolitics interact? Such questions need to be answered with the help of experts, users, citizens, institutions, etc. and working in collaboration with their rich ecosystem of contacts and partners is how Propulia Capital tackles it.

“At Propulia Capital, we understand that society progresses through the innovative solutions that companies develop and bring to market. We invest in new ideas to help create a promising future,” says the pioneering leader. “We look forward to seeing the positive impact the teams, products and services we help grow will have on society. In the years to come, our lives will prosper thanks to the shared success of great people like those we support. The way we treat our health, the way we manage our cities, and the way we work has the potential of being dramatically improved.”

" Being an entrepreneur is not about creating iterations of business models, but about creating true disruption. This is what strong leaders bring, what strong businesses do: delivering innovation that changes the game by breaking the rules. "

Geneviève Biron

Founder & President

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