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Mindy Rothenberger

President, CEO, Southpoint Financial Services

Mindy Rothenberger, President, CEO of Southpoint Financial Services, has a vast amount of experience in the Mortgage Banking and Finance Industry and is the catalyst to her success. Having entered the Mortgage Banking and Finance Industry 25 years ago; Mindy has worked her way from the bottom to the top, quickly becoming a top producer in each job function along the way. It is rare for an individual to have all the underwriting certifications and qualifications and have the same success as a top producer on the sales side. Her vast experience and knowledge of the underwriting guidelines gave her an edge when counseling mortgage loan borrowers in the purchase if a home, or the refinance of an existing home. She quickly earns the trust of her borrowers as well as her industry peers, by delivering on every loan as she said she could.

Today, 99% of mortgage loan originators know one thing, and that is how to sell! While they have a basic understanding of program guidelines, that level of understanding is not deep enough to approve a loan as an underwriter would. Most individuals in the Mortgage Banking and Finance Industry are either working on the operations side or on the sales side; only a handful of individuals have the working knowledge and experience to work both sides and a top performer on both.

Mindy brings this unique experience with her as she now leads Southpoint Financial Services, Inc. through current industry changes, recording the largest growth in the company’s history, and delivering record profit levels; all while painting the vision for our long-term success. It is pertinent to mention that Mindy has a unique perspective and ability to blend the two roles to run in perfect harmony.

The occasional small conflicts that operations may have of sales and vice versa, Mindy can quickly explain to each group what the opposite side’s needs are to ensure success. Mindy is unlike most of her peers in her position; even as the top leader in this company, she can often be found in various departments personally lending a hand when they may be overloaded. Her experience still allows her to easily perform every single job function in the industry, resulting in the employees of Southpoint Financial Services appreciating a leader that truly understands what the obstacles are for their positions within the company.

Southpoint Financial Services was born in 1996 by two men who owned an insurance company that worked closely with local community banks throughout the Southeast. Through this close working relationship with these smaller banks, Larry Overby and John Murphy were able to identify a common complaint from each of them, the ability to offer mortgage products and services. Although these community banks wanted to service all their customers’ financial needs in-house, most could not offer their consumers mortgage products. Through this need, it was decided to open Southpoint Financial Services allowing these banks the ability to service their own consumers’ mortgage needs. Southpoint would give these banks the comfort of knowing their consumer would not be overcharged, and more importantly, their consumer would not be steered away from their smaller bank as Southpoint would only offer mortgage products on behalf of the bank.  Thus, Southpoint was born.

Southpoint Financial Services’ biggest asset to thwart competition has always been the consumers’ service from their employees. “My philosophy is your employees ARE your business. It is imperative to a company’s success that you must first take care of those who are taking care of your consumers,” says Mindy. “Employees who feel respected, appreciated, and empowered become your most valuable asset as these employees tend to remain loyal, putting forth their best efforts daily.”

The longevity of a company’s employees speaks volumes for the leadership and company’s philosophy. “As a leader, if I take care of my big assets, my employees, then they remain engaged to the cause and mission. When a consumer comes to us, they are met with employees who have an interest in ensuring our borrowers are successful in the long-term repayment of their mortgage,” explains Mindy. “Our employees care about our long-term success and not just the instant gratification of closing the loan for the current borrower. They do not mind teaching a new homeowner about the mortgage process and what the terms and conditions of their loan mean for them.”

The company’s loan officers take the additional time to explain to the borrower their specific mortgage needs and why they may not qualify for a bigger loan, aka a more expensive home. “Our priority is always to ensure the borrower understands why we may limit a purchase price to $200k, but our competitor will give them another $50K. Their loan today is not just a loan for us; we are also here to ensure the borrowers’ ability to repay the loan with ease should life throw them a curveball,” says Mindy. “Our employees are patient with our consumers, by taking the time to ensure that home buyers know what to do if they experience one of life’s events.”  Southpoint earns both its borrowers trust and business by looking out for the borrower’s long-term financial position.  Their efforts to educate the borrower gives them a leg up on their competition because they earn the borrowers’ trust.

“As a result of our company philosophy of educating the homebuyer, Southpoint has remained solvent for 24 years through repeat business and our own consumer referrals,” adds Mindy. “We are also partnering with real estate companies and builders in underserved communities to teach.

First Time Home Buyer classes;” recognizing It is an accomplishment for borrowers to buy their first home, as it will be the biggest purchase of their lifetime. It is imperative that first-time homebuyers, who are mostly first generational home buyers, understand a mortgage and the homeowner’s responsibility for long term financial commitment. Mindy and her team ensure that buyers have a complete understanding of what they are gaining along with their dream of owning a home. Mindy will continue to work toward the mission of educating underserved communities and first-time Homebuyer’s for days to come; assisting them in realizing their dreams transparently.


"My philosophy is this; your employees ARE your business. Therefore, it is imperative to a company’s success that you first take care of those who are taking care of your consumers! "

Mindy Rothenberger

President, CEO, Southpoint Financial Services

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