Transforming END to END supply Chain – How Poised is AI?


According to the current analysis, AI is going to have a huge impression in the next 2 years, expert opinion even makes it clear that AI is taking over Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, and also visualization tools. AI integrated with the supply chain will be comprehensive and multilateral. The warehouse and the factories of the manufacturers can be managed by robots empowered with AI. AI tracks the lifecycle of assets; this is possible by real-time monitoring, where AI works hand in hand with IoT. Real-time monitoring features in recognizing the issue at a granular level, course of action can be using the same features until the product reaches the consumer. AI and IoT also help to track the goods from floor to store avoiding the entire manual barcoding procedure.

Logistics and the transportation operations will evolve, with the AI which will help in easy analysis of least congested routes and also by delineating the routes for the self-driven vehicles. Risk management can be efficient and with zero time lag, AI can instinctively analyze internal and external data, and immediately alert or recommend or report to zero down the risk. The supply chain also involves procurement, AI can be the game-changer, single-handedly managing the analysis of spends, purchases, supplier optimization, and also supply risk management. AI can also do the auto follow up. With the incorporation of AI and data analytics, the supply chain is establishing digitization strategies.

AI also alarms you when an asset requires maintenance so that it doesn’t affect production demand in the future. Usually, the parts of the machinery that used to undergo yearly servicing will now be put in the maintenance list by the AI technology even before time if the parts are withering. Manufacturing companies also imbibed AI technology not long ago for supplier quality management. Also analyzing the machine data, helps manufacturers determine the performance of the machineries over the entire project. AI also helps the identification of equipment with faults ad alerts the production team. Operational effectiveness is the key for all the manufacturing units for on-time delivery and AI helps them achieve the same. AI can run the complex functions in real-time and give us practical results alerting on the limitations in meeting the deadlines and providing solutions to achieve the same. All the AI, IoT, and data analytics-driven solutions in inventory, procurement, or in the supply chain makes the decision making easier with real-time reports, also provide real-time asset tracking data and finally impact the service networks with effective delivery and zero handling issues.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” – YannLeCun.


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