The pandemic situation is the perfect time for Job hunt


While we never predicted the job market fall this high. Most of the people losing jobs in this situation and, many companies closed for a lifetime as there is no cash flow. However, don’t panic this is the right time if you are starting a new profession or if you are planning for a better job and a change in your career.

The recent research says the job posting on the sites has increased by 65% in the last two months that gives enough opportunities to find the right job when needed. Companies are looking for top talents as the workforce has reduced, and the responsibilities increased by a thousand folds.

Pandemic opened opportunities: When the first shutdown announced across the world in late March, we were not ready for the situation, and people were worried about their company their jobs. Companies laid off employees thinking of the expense and other reasons. However, the current situation due to the COVID-19 has taught us how to lead the business with recent technologies, and survive in a difficult situation. Currently, the companies have planned their strategy to run the business with the corona pandemic situation and are hiring will be more aggressive.

Work From Home Flexibility: Major companies have announced permanent work from home options to the employees, while others also feel it to be more profitable by allowing employees to do work from home. The time saved because of work from home has helped many candidates to learn new skills being at home, and companies hire more employees as they save a lot with the office expense.

Recruiters are at the planning stage: The current situation is not permanent, companies that have laid off many during the pandemic have to hire back once the situation becomes normal. The current HR team is continuously under the process of building the pipeline for the post-pandemic.

The current situation will add value if you are a bit experienced in your career, then there is a possibility of you getting multiple offers and an option to choose the right choice according to your need and the talent. Some companies look into the price factor, and as the current situation is not helping them with as many sales as before. The company may choose to go with freshers and give them virtual training.

The unemployment rate in the United States was 14.4% in April and is 11.1% today that helps us to analyze the change in the job market and how the opportunities will increase shortly.


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