Tana Greene

Tana Greene

Tana Greene

Co-Founder & CEO of MyWorkChoice

At 17, she wrote a goal on a piece of paper, “own my own business by age 30.” She spent the next 12 years defining what that business would be, but her purpose was clear. She wanted to help others by finding them employment. Her advice to everyone is, “Never Give up, never settle! I’m what you call a serial entrepreneur and I’ve had seven startups. Three of those were successful. Sometimes you fail but I tell women all the time to believe in yourself, even on days when no one else might and keep moving forward.”

Tana is an active member of the Women President’s Organization and serves on the board for Safe Alliance in Charlotte, NC, and the author of Creating a World of Difference, a book about the operating principle that makes our work and lives meaningful. The first time Tana understood what connecting her “why” to what you “do” actually meant was when she heard Orpah Winfrey describe this and share how it makes a difference in her life. This was her “aha” moment, and it gave Tana permission to step out and tell her story. She inspired Tana by telling her story and providing a platform for other great leaders to share theirs – which has, in turn, helped make her a better leader. Becoming your authentic self is so important as a leader.

Shifting the Paradigm

MyWorkChoice’s workforce has evolved, and their world has changed, yet as a country, they continue to support the 40hour workweek, with little flexibility for hourly workers. That model is broken and addressing that solves the pain points for employers and hourly workers:

Absenteeism through choice

Reliability through flexibility

“Giving workers a choice of when to work and how many hours they want to work gives workers the flexibility they’ve always wanted. This choice is empowering, and we found that when people can choose the shifts they want to work, they show up,” says Tana. “Our appbased technology puts the worker in control allowing our clients to recruit and mobilize a workforce around choice and flexibility. Simply put, it places the hourly worker in control.”

Using analytics, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence MyWorkChoice identifies work patterns of a client’s current hourly employees then delivers a customized, 24/7accessible community of fully vetted W2 employees ready to work for entire weeks, full shifts, or half shifts in four and fivehour blocks. Clients benefit from this approach because it allows for scalability and eliminates the need for overtime. As a result, positions are filled for all shifts, including historically tough to fill shifts such as holidays and weekends.

COVID-19 only exacerbated the issue as workers face new scheduling concerns related to childcare and family health responsibilities. While “whitecollar” jobs have benefitted from flexible scheduling for years, today’s hourly workforce has not. Through the simplicity and accessibility of a mobile app, workers can choose their hours based on their needs. MyWorkChoice is changing the way hourly workers will work moving forward, a shift for the entire workforce.

They transformed the legacy product portfolio to a flexible, modular application platform and implemented next-generation processes. MyWorkChoice adopted agile methods to improve speed to market, development efficiency, and resilience. What used to take developers months to release now takes weeks to deploy. Adding machine learning, predictive algorithms, and business analytics into the mix now delivers first-to-market timely and accurate labor forecasting for clients.

Additionally, MyWorkChoice innovated new virtual recruitment and onboarding method for hourly applicants. Forward-thinking organizations partnered with MyWorkChoice during the COVID pandemic—particularly essential service supply chains such as food and medical—enhanced their response scalability to keep pace with increased demands.

Client Success and Growth

GE Appliances contacted MyWorkChoice early in 2021 to help with multiple manufacturing sites that we’re struggling to reach their production quota, causing significant delays at retail stores for major appliances such as stoves and microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

At the Roper Appliances test facility located in LaFayette, GA, the plant director explained they were experiencing daily absenteeism of over 24% with a workforce of over 2300 employees. At first, they were skeptical that our solution would work in their rural market, where they struggled to recruit new workers for the past two years.

“We started recruiting in June of 2021, and in only 9 short weeks we were able to build a community of 309 workers covering 93% of the shifts they needed filled. They were so pleased with the results that we are now in talks to help with their main facility in Louisville, KY where over 6,000 workers are assigned,” says Tana.

It’s All About Choice

By far, the biggest achievement for MyWorkChoice is being grounded in its purpose. “Early on, our mission statement was to empower the working world. We got the message before the technology was fully in place. This revolutionary approach is a huge mindset change for employers,” explains Tana. “Empowering the hourly workforce is both revolutionary and a win-win for both employer and employee.” The SAAS product MyWorkChoice is rolling out soon is another gamechanger. Employers will put their full-time workforce on the MyWorkChoice app and blend the contingent workforce at MyWorkChoice. For example, suppose a full-time permanent worker has to cancel a shift because they are ill or have a family conflict. In that case, they can drop the shift on the app, and someone else within the company (another permanent employee) or a MyWorkChoice worker can pick that shift up. “When you blend the two, both permanent and contingent workforces will be working together to eliminate absenteeism. It’s all done through our proprietary technology and our clients serve to benefit greatly.”

Tana Greene Award

“Sometimes you fail but I tell women all the time to believe in yourself, even on days when no one else might and keep moving forward.”

Tana Greene

Co-Founder & CEO of MyWorkChoice

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