Driven by Purpose, Passion, & Vision

Driven by Purpose, Passion, & Vision | Dr. Amish Purohit

Dr. Amish Purohit

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Medical Officer  of Arkos Health

Dr. Amish Purohit does not measure success based on the company’s financial health and instead focuses on how Arkos Health is working towards eliminating healthcare disparities. Dr. Purohit has formulated a clear, inspiring vision for the organization, demonstrated a relentless passion for serving the underserved and oppressed individuals,  with a purpose to improve and impact every life that Arkos Health touches. He is a great communicator and a leader who believes in developing and mentoring the next generation of outstanding leaders. Albeit Dr. Purohit typically exhibits humility, on rare occasions, he can display a firm and stern demeanor, especially when patients and families are not optimally cared for or the standards and values that Arkos Health represents are not duly met.  

Since his childhood, Dr. Purohit’s father has been his role model. His father is an Indian immigrant born in a family of Hindu priests. Growing up, his family did not have access to adequate financial resources, and his parents’ level of education was another deterrent in the path towards success. Despite all these adversities, he was the first person in his family to attend college, and ultimately, he became a civil engineer.

Following his childhood that was burdened with struggles, his adult life was still no cakewalk. As a first-generation immigrant in the 1970s, he had to cross several hurdles to support his family. Despite these early struggles, Dr. Purohit reminisces that his father never lost hope, nor did he complain. Instead, he consistently exhibited strong mental fortitude. He always preached doing the right thing and avoiding temptations that could lead people down the wrong path. His father’s will to succeed, strong mental fortitude, and unwavering adherence to his values and principles, are qualities Dr. Purohit has inculcated  from him. Dr. Purohit vehemently believes that these qualities make him one of the most sought-after leaders.

Arkos Health renders services to health plan providers by managing their highest-risk and highest-cost populations within an integrated system of care comprised of clinical and social services founded on a robust technological platform. By providing individuals with virtual, in-home, in-clinic, and in-facility care options, Arkos Health delivers advanced community-based health services that allow their clients to offer quality care to their members while mitigating unnecessary costs. “One thing that I would like to highlight is that we have a billion-dollar-plus health system (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), as our partner, which continues to assist us in bringing groundbreaking services to our clients,” Dr. Purohit adds.

According to Dr. Purohit, understanding the value proposition offered by competition is the key to thwarting competition. In markets where they exist, they continue to build on their existing relationships, provide exceptional value, and innovative solutions for their clients to gain a competitive edge. “Our key differentiating factor is that, as a tech-enabled entity overseeing population health management, we offer comprehensive solutions for our clients, without undertaking a “cookie-cutter” approach.”

Arkos Health was birthed with the integration and merger of 3 companies—USHS, Curavi, and Carepointe. Today, the latter offers a state-of-the-art technological platform coupled with comprehensive analytical services, while the “boots on the ground” clinical team of USHS and Curavi’s telehealth platform complement each other seamlessly to deliver optimal care anywhere.

“With excellent analytics, we possess the capability to proactively identify patients requiring additional services, while clinicians from USHS assist in rendering those services at home. Finally, Curavi helps us provide care when patients are in dire need of it as opposed to when it is convenient to the medical system. This integrated approach translates to cost reduction and better-quality care for our patients,” adds Dr. Purohit. “Our patients benefit immensely from our services. For example, we  provide transportation for ailing seniors who need assistance to make it to their medical appointments, pick up their prescriptions if they are not able, and even visit the patients in their homes if they require that service.” However, what is truly admirable is the fact that Dr. Purohit and his team go above and beyond for their patients. For example, if patients and families are struggling to put food on their tables, they purchase groceries for them or coordinate community resources to help them sustain themselves.  

“Our various clinical programs entailing transitional care, care management programs, and palliative care coupled with the support offered for each of our physicians allow us to enhance care while mitigating costs,” says Dr. Purohit. “We also have AIM (Advanced Illness Management) clinics all of our patients can leverage, thereby ensuring access to health care even when they cannot visit their primary care clinicians.”  

Dr. Purohit believes that mental health care is grossly underfunded even today. Thus, he and his team have undertaken steps to launch a new program starting later this year that will focus on the overall wellness and mental health of their patients by deploying unique wellness devices. “These services are primarily available based on cash payments, and will be accessible to the populations we serve at no cost,” he concludes.  

Dr. Amish Purohit Award

“Our key differentiating factor is that, as a tech-enabled entity overseeing population health management, we offer comprehensive solutions for our clients without undertaking a “cookie-cutter” approach.”

Dr. Amish Purohit

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Medical Officer  of Arkos Health

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