Taiwan is to create visa-free entry for some governments in the belatedly opening step

Taiwan is to create visa-free entry for some governments

September 6, 2022: -On Monday, Taiwan will begin visa-free entry for visitors from countries including the United States and Canada in the coming week, the government said, as it continues to make easy controls to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Taiwan is keeping its entry and quarantine rules in place as large parts of the rest of Asia have lifted them completely, though, in June, it cut the number of days spent in isolation for coming to three from seven.

Taiwan has reported over 5.3 million domestic cases since the beginning of the year, driven by the more infectious Omicron variant. But with over 99% of those exhibiting no or mild symptoms, the government has relaxed rather than restrictions in what it calls the “recent Taiwan model.”

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Centre added that the resumption of visa-free entry for visitors from the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and diplomatic allying would begin in the coming Monday.

The decision is made based on the fact that most countries worldwide have already started their borders and resumed pre-pandemic border measures and the need to counteract epidemic prevention, financial and social activities, and international exchanges.

Command center chief Victor Wang told reporters the three days of quarantine and need for a PCR test upon arrival would remain, for the time being, and the current cap on 50,000 arrivals a week.

Taiwan, which includes a well-vaccinated population, has already ended the requirement for pre-departure negative PCR tests.

Throughout the pandemic, Taiwanese citizens and foreign residents have never been restricted from leaving and re-entering, though they have had to quarantine either at home or in hotels.

Before the pandemic, Taiwan is a popular tourist destination for mainly Asian visitors, with Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia the most important markets.

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