Scientists determine the cause of mysterious kid's liver disease

Scientists determine the cause of mysterious kids liver disease

July 28, 2022: -U. K Scientists say they have identified the most predictable cause of the latest outbreak of mysterious liver disease torturing young children worldwide.

New research states that a lack of exposure to two viruses during the Covid-19 pandemic may have increased the possibility of children becoming seriously ill with acute hepatitis.

In studies published, two research teams from University College London and the University of Glasgow stated that lockdown restrictions could have led a few infants to miss early immunity to the adenovirus and the recently linked adeno-associated virus 2 (AAV2).

Crucially, both teams found no evidence of a direct link between the spike in hepatitis cases and coronavirus infection, the cause of Covid-19.

Over 1,000 children in 35 countries have developed an unknown type of severe acute hepatitis or liver inflammation since the first case was reported in January.

Most cases have been in children aged five years or younger, though diagnoses have been detected in children aged up to 16.

Adenovirus, which usually causes mild cold or flu-type of illness, was previously believed to be partly responsible for the mysterious outbreak. It was the most found virus in samples from infected children.

Although, the recent research demonstrated that adeno-associated virus 2, which generally causes no illness and cannot replicate without a “helper” virus-like adenovirus or herpesvirus, was available in 96% of cases of unknown hepatitis examined across both studies.

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