Richard Liu The Billionaire founder of steps down

Richard Liu The Billionaire founder of steps down

April 11, 2022:’s billionaire founder Richard Liu has stepped down as chief executive of the Chinese e-commerce giant, joining a slew of high-profile tech bosses relinquishing their roles at the companies they started.

That comes as Beijing continues to tighten regulations on its domestic technology sector and scrutinize companies’ business practices.

Xu Lei, the president of, will take over as CEO and join the company’s board of directors with immediate effect.

It is the second management reshuffle for in the last seven months. In September, Xu was appointed president after leaving his role as head of’s retail business. Liu will remain as chairman of the company’s board.

Liu has taken a backseat approach at since he was accused of rape in 2018, an allegation he has denied.

Liu’s departure from the CEO role comes after several technology executives stepped back from the businesses they founded in the last year. Last year, Colin Huang, the founder of fast-growing e-commerce company Pinduoduo, resigned as chairman. In November, ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming stepped down as chairman, and Su Hua, the co-founder of short video app Kuaishou, also left.

Beijing has sought to tighten regulation in antitrust to data protection areas and has punished companies that fall foul of its rules.

So far, has escaped any significant regulatory action, unlike its rival Alibaba, which was hit with a $2.8 billion anti-monopoly fine. said Liu would focus on guiding the company’s long-term strategies, mentoring younger management, and contributing to the revitalization of rural areas, a key focus of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “common prosperity” drive, the government’s push toward moderate wealth for all.

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