Reboarding: Welcoming employees home after WFH

Welcoming employees home after WFH

Many countries are now welcoming employees back to work after a long period of uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The majority of employees are returning to work or will shortly, but leaders need to know how to make the process successful for everyone.

According to a survey, 57% of employees say having a best friend at work makes work more enjoyable. Nearly as many say, it makes them more creative and makes them more productive. So to keep your staff members engaged in their jobs, it is important to properly reboard them.

Reboarding provides an opportunity to remotivate, refocus and encourage employees so that each employee becomes accustomed to the new normal lifestyle, resulting in employee well-being, productivity, and positivity. Occasionally, employees will be expected to work on-site every day. At other times, they will be expected to work remotely once a week. Work in the future will be hybridized, and working together will be possible if communications remain clear and consistent.

In addition, the process should ensure the comfort and safety of employees. Reboarding is an integral component of inspiring employees and optimizing their potential, just like initial onboarding.

Tips for successful Reboarding:

Reconnect with your employees: It’s important to get in touch well before your employees return; it is an opportunity for you to update them, as well as find out more about their thoughts and concerns.

Update the employees about the company’s vision: Employers need to make sure their employees are familiar with company policies, strategies, and practices. Moreover, employers need to inform employees of the company’s strategic plan, where it’s headed, and its approach to flexibility and remote working.

Build a positive workplace culture: Restore and reinforce cultural affinity and unity across the organization. Make sure employees know how they contribute to the success of the compan

Provide online resources: As your employees return to work, they may need a refresher in some areas, or they may need to learn a new skill. Making these available online and giving them the option to learn at their own pace is important.

Address health and safety concerns: Despite having been vaccinated and restrictions gradually being lifted, the anxiety surrounding Covid-19 might persist for many individuals. During reboarding, employees should be reassured that their leaders have planned well, based on the latest guidelines and protocols to ensure everyone has a safe and healthy work environment. As customers, clients, and employees return to the company, managers should lay out clear policies regarding masks, social distancing, sanitization, and disinfection.

Due to the pandemic, the world of work has changed drastically. When you reboard, you have the opportunity to affect your entire workforce. Maintaining a stress-free and happy working environment will help your team during this process. Through team-building activities, perks and gifts, it is possible to bring a sense of fun back into the workplace and bridge the gap between working from home and office life.


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