Online gambling faces new restrictions


February 2, 2021: The Gambling Commission has announced-New restrictions designed to make online casino games less intensive and safer.

They’ve limited spin speeds. A permanent ban on features that speed up play or celebrate losses as wins, operators must display their total losses or wins to the player.

The Gambling Commission said online operators would need to implement the new rules by October 31.

The moves come in response to concern over what is known as online slot games; they’re designed to mimic slot machines in real-life betting shops and casinos.

These account for an estimated 70% of online casino games.

According to the gambling commission, slot games have the highest average losses per player of online gambling products.

Ban on reverse withdrawals is another change being Implemented. It’s a function that allows consumers to re-gamble money they had requested to withdraw previously.

“Evidence shows that reverse withdrawal functions present a risk to players because of the temptation to continue gambling,” said the Commission.

The slot features being removed or more closely controlled have been associated with increased play intensity, loss of player control, or binge play.

Nigel Huddleston, minister of sports, Tourism, and Heritage, welcomed the measures, saying they would “help curb the intensity of online gambling, introducing greater protections that will reduce the risk of gambling-related harm.”

In the past years, the Gambling Commission has introduced a series of curbs on gambling, which includes raising the age limit for playing the National Lottery and banning the use of credit cards.

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