Offering Staffing Solutions, Changing Lives

Offering Staffing Solutions, Changing Lives | Hugh Chachere

Hugh Chachere

Owner of Colorado Staffing Solutions

The principles Hugh Chachere, Owner of Colorado Staffing Solutions, uses to guide himself in his personal life are the same ones that influence his business decisions. Hugh believes everyone should be treated as equals and with respect. “I believe in being reliable, helping others, and making an effort to improve at all times. When I became the owner of Colorado Staffing Solutions, I transformed the way the recruitment team views our clients by stressing the importance of using “partner” instead of “customer” and “team member” instead of “employee.” After implementing this reframing, morale increased and allowed the team to view interactions as aiding their peers instead of responding to customers’ demands or their boss. After being thoroughly disappointed in the higher education system.

Hugh decided to acquire Colorado Staffing Solutions at the age of 21 to learn business through realworld experience and start the journey towards his goal of promoting upward socioeconomic mobility and implementing true sustainability worldwide.

As a business owner, Hugh’s top priority is to ensure that the partners and team members are always taken care of. “I never hesitate to give someone a ride to a job or fill in as an external team member. If there is ever a lastminute job opening, or one of our team members has something unexpected come up, I do my best to be available to assist,” he explains. “Working alongside our external team has deepened my understanding of our customers and employee’s needs, as well as their relationship with one another. After passing this information on to our recruitment team, the likelihood of partners and team members being dissatisfied with placements has decreased significantly.” Armed with such unique qualities, Hugh is taking the company to new heights.

Colorado Staffing Solutions offer a fullservice solution that helps customers control costs, manage risk and eliminate administrative hassles. Temporary staffing allows business managers and owners to meet fluctuating and lastminute staffing needs without taking on the cost of hiring a regular employee. Their clients can contact Colorado Staffing Solutions account managers 24/7 and know that experienced CSS team members will fill their job openings on their payroll. “By working with our partners directly and at their convenience, we can insure they receive the most hassle-free experience. This enables managers to focus on their core business without having to spend time on or worry about HR, scheduling, payroll, employment tax liabilities, unemployment claims, or workers compensation.”

Hugh has invested in systems and processes that allow organizations to find the most qualified candidates and match them with high-quality employment opportunities. Investing in integrated ATS, HRMS, and payroll systems have saved Colorado Staffing Solutions’ internal team a tremendous amount of time that would otherwise be spent on data entry. This extra time has allowed them to conduct quality interviews, communicate with external team members about scheduling and payroll, and make placements that will satisfy team members and partners alike.

The main thing that sets Colorado Staffing Solutions apart from its competition is its client-first ap-proach. Hugh and his team view themselves as representatives of their clients, whether partners (customers) or team members (employees). “We make meeting their needs our highest priority. In the end, our business is about increasing freedom. We provide team members with the ability to work whenever they want, and business owners and managers with freedom from the time and stress of having traditional employees,” says Hugh. “We also offer incentives for working a certain amount of hours to external team members and profit sharing for our internal employees.”

In an instance, during the height of Covid in late 2020, Colorado Staffing Solutions assisted living home partners needed experienced kitchen/restraint staff that were tested for Covid before entering the high-risk environment so that they could ensure their residents’ safety. Hugh and his team were able to provide them with a pool of healthy, qualified team members, who were later offered full-time positions with their partners after working with them for some time.

The Denver Zoo needed on-call concession workers during the same period because they were unsure how many people would be attending the 2020 Christmas celebration due to Covid-19. “One day, right as I was leaving the office, I got a call from my general manager saying that two of our employees just called off 30 minutes before their shift. He jokingly asked if he and I should fill it, and I eagerly said yes,” elucidates Hugh. “We rushed to his apartment (which was on the way) and grabbed some winter coats, making it to the zoo right before it reopened for the night. I ended up having so much fun, I scheduled myself there again the next week. We provide solutions to complications, even if we must think outside the box, all while maintaining close relations with our direct clients and their needs.”

Hugh cannot point to any single achievement that is more important than how this company can assist people in need of a job by finding immediate employment, whether they need an extra shift to make ends meet or a full-time position. Colorado Staffing Solutions enables their partners to deliver the highest level of hospitality to families on vacation, allow businesses to host professional business conferences or conventions with ease, and broaden the possibilities for those in need of assisted living homes.

Hugh is currently looking into the best solution for providing automated time tracking on their partners’ properties. Implementing such a system would eliminate the main task Colorado Staffing Solutions requires of the partners and provide them with more freedom to run their core business. It would also drastically reduce the amount of time that the payroll department spends on entering and verifying time entries. “In 2022, I plan to launch my charities focusing on sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, and alternative education,” adds Hugh.


Hugh Chachere Award

“Working alongside our external team has deepened my understanding of our customers and employee’s needs, as well as their relationship with one another.”

Hugh Chachere

Owner of Colorado Staffing Solutions

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