Musk remarked that he would fix newly suspended reporters Twitter handles

Musk remarked that he would fix newly suspended reporters Twitter handles

December 20, 2022: -Elon Musk is reinstating the Twitter handles of many journalists suspended for a day over a controversy over publishing public data about the billionaire’s plane.

The reinstatements after the unprecedented suspension evoked stinging criticism from administration officials, advocacy groups and journalism organizations from many parts of the globe on Friday, with a few saying the microblogging areas were jeopardizing press freedom.

“The people have talked about it. Accounts who doxxed my location have a suspension lifted at present,” Musk said in a tweet on Saturday.

A Reuters check stated that the suspended accounts, including journalists from the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post, are reinstated.

People from France, Germany, Britain, and the European Union earlier condemned the suspensions.

The episode, which one well-known security researcher labelled the “Thursday Night Massacre,” is regarded by critics as fresh evidence of Musk, considering himself a “free speech absolutist,” that suspends the speech and users he dislikes.

Tesla shares, an electric car maker led by Musk, recession 4.7% on Friday and posted their bad weekly loss from March 2020, with investors increasingly worrying about his being distracted and the slowing economy worldwide.

Roland Lescure, the French minister of industry, said on Friday that, following Musk’s suspension of journalists, he would even suspend his activity on Twitter.

Melissa Fleming, the communications head for the United Nations, said that she was “deeply shaken” by the cancellations and that “media freedom is not a toy.”

The German Foreign Office is warning Twitter that the ministry had a problem with shifts that threatened press freedom.

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