It is easier to search for a black-owned business in Yelp


We could see many organizations and many leaders reacted to the current protest and the slogan on Black life matters however, there were only a handful of actions taken by only certain companies. Few companies have changed the hiring process; Reddit co-founder resigned and asks the management to fill his position with a Black American.

Yelp is a step forward with their product in the market. The company which was founded in 2004 helps to collect crowd data reviews and other information from the search engines and display them in their platform. Now the company has come up with a new filter that allows the filter to directly search the black-owned business through the platform.

The CEO also stated that it saw a hike of 24%+ in the search when this filter was added and also the company has announced to donate $500,000 each to Equal Justice Initiative and NAACP Legal Defense Fund and it would also support the employees to take off in the month referring it to mental health days off.

We may see many more changes in the corporate world and equality will be in action all around.


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