Is Artificial intelligence taking away the job?


Microsoft announces to replace its employee with Artificial intelligence as it announced the replacement of 30 journalists. The company has given a one month notice period to all the 30 employees to search for a next job.

The company made a point to no longer employees who does research edit and write a summary of press releases and news and make it as a content to upload on the website. Rather the company said the Artificial intelligence can do a similar thing by just going through and building content from the resources present online.

The Artificial intelligence can crawl and find content interpret into content and make required changes as required to come up with a better article online. The company looks for a better production system which is faster and convenient as well.

There is miss conception of technology taking away the job and replacing humans with technology makes us so offensive but the bitter truth behind the technology advancement according to the experts is, the technology advancement helps to reduce cost and get our work done faster and in a much lesser cost. We should never look at technology as losing jobs but it is a place for better advancement and faster work.

The market leaders and Fortune companies are investing more in technology to improve productivity and make it simpler and cost-effective. We would see how technology would impact the corporate and the employees live in an organization.


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