Diversification in the middle of a pandemic

Diversification in the middle of a pandemic | Adrienne Williams

 Adrienne Williams

President & Founder of Scarritt Group Companies

Scarritt Group’s primary focus on attention to detail, anticipating clients’ needs, and a caliber of personalized service that attendees ‘never forget,’ have catapulted Scarritt Group into a company with a global presence.

Adrienne Williams, President & Founder of Scarritt Group, Inc, is a seasoned leader in the global meetings industry.  She approaches business roadblocks methodically and analytically to identify their key drivers, which reflect the continuous quality improvement culture she instills in all areas of the company.   Adrienne recognizes that the long-term success of Scarritt Group depends on continuously investing and implementing the latest technological tools to enhance the client’s meeting experience.

Scarritt Group’s FedRamp compliant Virtual Conference Center is an example of one of these technological tools.  Scarritt was ready when COVID-19 struck the world, because three years before the pandemic hit, Adrienne invested in building a virtual conference center.  

It is an immersive, secure, and innovative proprietary platform that can be customized to create interactive meetings that engage attendees.  While providing an exciting virtual clinical trial meeting experience, it can also be used as a resource for clinical sites and their patients.

The pandemic also tested her abilities to lead her organization while facing an existential threat. Adrienne reached out to her competitors to explore collaborative problem-solving to overcome this enormous challenge by working together and sharing resources. Her team’s uncertainty about the company’s future was relieved by her dynamic optimism, confidence, and unwavering support.  During the most demanding months of 2020, Adrienne’s work ethic – long  20 hour days for months – and personally making hundreds of sales calls and presentations to expand the company’s offerings are things that kept the business booming and helped keep her team together and motivated.

Adrienne has practiced what her mentor Alan Fuerstman taught her, “surround yourself with people that are better than you are.”  She has achieved success by implementing an organizational structure that allows her to delegate company responsibilities to a team of top-tier industry professionals.  Adrienne has always considered every team member at Scarritt Group to be an integral part of the company’s overall success.  Perseverance and optimism led her to keep her company and her team safe during the most challenging year the corporate world has experienced for decades.  As one of her long-time colleagues said, “I don’t know how you did it, but you did the impossible and maintained payroll.”

Adrienne’s extensive sales experience in the hotel business motivated her to launch her own meeting planning company in 1999.  Her father’s remarkable improvement from participation in a clinical trial for Parkinson’s Disease inspired her to support clinical trials.  Adrienne witnessed firsthand how crucial these clinical trials are in developing new medications to help people with illnesses like her father’s.   That profound personal experience changed her professional trajectory.  It compelled her to specialize in assisting clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies with their clinical trial-related meetings.  Scarritt Group has executed over 9,000 meetings worldwide and is still committed to providing clients with an unparalleled experience.  Scarritt’s staff has extensive meeting planning knowledge, hotel industry experience, and access to the best resources and technology worldwide.

When Scarritt Group does a capabilities presentation to potential clients, they start with a guaranteed budget based on the prospective client’s unique needs.  Scarritt Group does an extensive overview and ties those client needs into a detailed and well-thought-out cost estimate.  Clients know what the realistic, comprehensive cost of the meeting will be from the beginning.  “Once we lock in a price, there are no deviations, regardless of things that may potentially occur within the agreed-upon scope of work.  This approach goes a long way with our valued clients and sets us apart from the competition,” says Adrienne.  “Another component that helps us thwart the competition is that we own Source 360, an ex-US-based destination management company.  We have a dedicated global destination management team with direct oversight for offsite events, audio-visual services, and ground transportation in 17 countries.

Adrienne’s primary mission is supporting clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies through investigator meetings, patient concierge services, patient recruitment, virtual site initiation visits, and patient education videos.  When asked, what’s to come in the days ahead, Adrienne’s response was, “We are always looking to expand our footprint globally, so we are opening an office in Australia to broaden accessibility in the Asia-Pacific Region.  At the technology forefront, our focus is on patient recruitment through the use of our new AI technology with the acquisition of TrialTech Medical.

Her passion for service, compassion for others, and considerable respect for her team and their unique talents is what separates Adrienne from other CEOs.  The professionals she has surrounded herself with have made Scarritt Group stand out in the event industry.  Beyond the company’s success, the caliber of service they extend, and the clients they serve, she is genuinely dedicated to helping support the clinical trial industry.  To Adrienne, Scarritt Group is more than her career or her company… it’s her life’s purpose.

Website: https://scarrittgroup.com/

Adrienne Williams Award

“ People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Adrienne Williams

President & Founder of Scarritt Group Companies

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