Business Leader Edition March 2023

Strengthening International Relations | Dr. Mei Gechlik

Dr. Mei Gechlik founded Sinotalks LLC after an extensive career in academia and the think-tank world. She took this step because she saw the growing need for a trusted resource highlighting Chinese law and policy to help decision-makers find strategic solutions to problems affecting China and beyond.

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The Guardian Angel | Joel Anaya

Joel Anaya, CEO of OnView Integrated Solutions, has been instrumental in building the company from the ground up. His innovation and vision transformed the way the company has scaled its business. OnView is a security provider bringing proactive solutions specifically designed to deter suspicious behavior in real-time before the crime occurs.

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Surging towards Space | John Rood

The commercialization of space is one of the most exciting opportunities of our time, with growth likely to far outpace that of the broader economy for the foreseeable future. The industry’s megatrends are intersecting in a way that opens access, expands possibilities, and establishes the need for backbone services to enable a more dynamic use of space.

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Reading the Community’s Pulse | Corina J Shtir

InterOme is a digital healthcare provider that works on improving individual and clinical decisions by making complexity simple. Corina J Shtir co-founded InterOme with her husband, John Shtir, COO InterOme, who is also CEO of Dexwell, a software company that matches very well in its expertise elements needed for InterOme.

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A Pioneer of Food Innovation | Charif Geara

Deforestation in many areas worldwide is becoming a significant issue in growing Cocoa trees. Cocoa, as we know it, is the main ingredient in making chocolate, and Chocolate-flavored products are by far the best sellers on the world market.

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