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Michael Gray

Founder & President

Michael Gray, Founder & President of AmeriPro Roofing, has a spirit of always wanting to have continuous improvements. He constantly preaches to his team to avoid expecting what they don’t inspect. “When you have the mentality to not assume processes and systems are going as you may have planned then you are on a path to continuous improvements,” says Michael. “In business from time to time you can expect obstacles and challenges to arise but constantly improving your processes makes those obstacles and challenges much easier to work through.”

As a leader, Michael’s best motivation is watching his team succeed. For the pioneering leader, it is very motivating to work with someone on forwarding their career path. . “Whenever we bring on a new team member, I make sure they know the #1 rule is to have fun! When being a leader if you can get your team to have fun first and foremost it feels like less of a job or “work,” it feels more like a lifestyle that is very motivating and enjoyable,” asserts Michael.

“This is how you gain success. But it is not easy, you have to keep trying until you do. For me I wouldn’t say I found success at a specific time, it was more a body of work.”

Michael believes one can find success when one realizes they never lose or fail but either succeed or learn. With this brilliant attitude, Michael has been taking his company to new heights and garnering numerous awards and accomplishments.

Unique Solutions

In today’s world, it is a common misconception that you replace your roof, which will last 20-30 years with no maintenance. That misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. If you read most roofing manufacturers’ warranties, they will regularly tell you to have your roof inspected and maintained as needed. Most insurance policies will also tell you that after wind or hailstorms, you should also have your roof inspected. Regular roof inspections are much more commonplace in multi-family and commercial markets. In those markets, the ownership will last for a much longer time, and it’s taken into consideration to have regular inspections and maintenance. In the residential market, the average homeowner moves every 5-7 years, so they often don’t see the adverse effects of neglecting their roof. Many residential roofers are looking to add inspection and maintenance programs to extend the life of their roofs. AmeriPro Roofing company currently offers annual roof inspections on every roof we replace.

In 2000, AmeriPro Roofing started as a small residential construction company in Downers Grove, IL. Fairly early on, they recognized a gap in the storm restoration market in Chicago and began to focus on helping homeowners repair their homes following devastating weather events. Through AmeriPro Roofing’s team of experienced roofing experts, the company has earned a solid reputation built on trust, integrity, and quality workmanship. Michael and his team help homeowners navigate what can be a stressful time as they deal with storm damage and the insurance claim process.

It is pertinent to mention AmeriPro Roofing has completed over 200,000 successful projects now since 2000 and has become a trusted local expert for roof repair, roof replacement, siding, and guttering installation services, with 19 offices in over 12 states. They specialize in the Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles range of products that offer a 10-year algae resistance and a limited lifetime warranty and have earned Owens Corning’s Platinum Preferred Contractor status and Master Elite contractor with GAF roofing as well. “We have a very rigorous continuous improvement program that allows to keep making our quality better and better. We are also all in on customer satisfaction and we will make sure every customer is happy with their project. Our goal is to continue to maintain a high quality of labor and materials and expand to 50 offices by 2027,” says Michael.

Towards the Future

One of AmeriPro Roofing’s purpose statements is always striving to be cutting edge with all digital or electronic platforms or CRMs. They understand the importance of taking advantage of digital and technology, prioritizing employee and customer experience, and constantly moving better solutions and processes forward.

AmeriPro Roofing’s goal as an organization is to continue to offer growth opportunities to its existing and new team members. They believe every major city or market requires AmeriPro Roofing services. Another goal is to hire the best of the best while working on retention by offering their employees more and more opportunities to earn income based on performance. One of those ways is  building out a profit-sharing program that rewards performance.

“As an organization, over the past 4 years our compensation for our sales team was risen nearly 80% based on new compensation and stipend programs that reward performance,” explains Michael. “As a whole I would like to point out that working in our organization feels more like home or a family. The constant support, positivity to grow and succeed are second to none.” Culture is essential at AmeriPro, and they want all their team members to feel that their voices are heard and will always listen. “Of course, success is important as an organization, but the overall culture feels like a team that absolutely loves what they do and will work very hard to do their role. When you do something, you love and work hard I guarantee you will find success!” elucidates Michael. “If you want to work at a company that feels more like a lifestyle than a job and you want to be rewarded for your worth and performance, then you should apply to AmeriPro today!”

" Of course, success is important as an organization, but the overall culture feels like a team that absolutely loves what they do and will work very hard to do their role. "

Michael Gray

Founder & President

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