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Rose Araghchy, CPA

President, R2 Advisors  

R2 was founded and was true to its name, the co-efficient of determination, or ‘R Squared.’ While working with hundreds of clients and with some the largest firms in the world, Rose Araghchy, President, R2 Advisors, wanted to create a company based on transparency, trust, and doing right by the customer and team in which supports them.

These founding principles have enabled her to grow the business and look through her clients’ eyes to help them transform their businesses as if they were her own. 

“With the technological and legislative landscape changing daily, it’s important to continue to transform and innovate, and that’s why we’re in business,” says Rose. “While we strive to think outside of the box for our clients, be it investment strategies, or best through our advisory services, the most important quality to have is the ability to be adaptive. Given the chaos that was the year 2020, we as individuals and organizations had to learn to adapt to new norms, overcome financial and physical barriers, and be open to change. My experiences traveling throughout my life have given me the unique perspective to adapt to my surroundings and understand the ‘why’ when it comes to how cultures, individuals, and businesses strive.”

Rose’s story is an interesting one. She had always been entrepreneurial, and “it ran in my family”, so she knew it was something she always wanted to do her whole life. “I had taken a job with a firm that prided itself on being women owned and empowering, which spoke to me on a personal level. As that company evolved, discrimination against women, especially pregnant women and their career growth was evident,” she adds. “For me, that broke my heart but not my spirit. I knew I wanted to change the way women in the workplace are viewed, and what better way to do it than within an industry that is predominantly male driven.”

One piece of advice Rose has given those around her, regardless of gender, is that falling is part of life. Challenges, failures, highs, and lows are all that make leaders into GREAT leaders. “What better way to learn from not only yourself and others, than sharing how things didn’t work. It’s what gives us the motivation and the grit to be the best,” she says. “Throughout my professional career, I’ve always respected leaders that not only fueled successful business, but also have impact beyond the revenue they bring such as the likes of Ray Dalio, Sheryl Sandberg, Adam Grant. My personal hero is Melinda Gates and the work she’s done with her family foundation.” Armed with such unique qualities, Rose has been taking the company to new heights.

The biggest realization in Rose’s professional career has been that her profession is very binary. Services and fees are all nonnegotiable, and many deals are struck behind closed doors through executive relationships. R2 was born to provide customers flexibility around services that meet their needs, budgets, and expectations. “We are a professional corporation, so we strive to provide our customers a partner that provides them with all financial services and expertise, in a flexible engagement,” she elucidates. “We’re a small business with experts and certifications that look to challenge the way traditional firms engage with clients. CPA’s are expensive and CFA’s and investment firms are rigid in nature. We work with our clients to provide expertise in our areas of practice, and partner top technology firms to ensure we are able to provide solutions to our customer’s pain.”

The company partners with key corporate accounting and investment technology firms. They don’t want to be rigid and only specialize in certain technology stacks, so R2 works to understand what products do and provide the best value to the customers. While many companies are incentivized to partner with technology firms, R2 ensures they help pick the best products, services, and tools to achieve their customer’s unique needs.

“The biggest thing we saw during Covid 19, was the ability to automate. With the majority of the world confined to working from their living room or home offices, our clients needed a way to keep their businesses running while running a household simultaneously,” says Rose. “With limited resources, and at times funds, we helped a large client of ours automate a very manual process of billing thousands of transactions a day.” By understanding what their client needed, R2 was able to provide a series of services to help them through this difficult time and enable their few full time employees tasked with this tedious job to spend time on parts of the business that provided more value. “I wouldn’t call our approach ‘revolutionary’ but the work we do speaks for itself. In 1 year, we’ve grown 400%, and tripled in headcount. The way we work is hard, honest, and results driven. Any client we sign is an achievement, and a culmination of our hard work and determination.”

R2 is growing both on the Business Advisory side, as well as in the Investment Management practice. With more strategic partnerships, larger clients, and a great network that exists, Rose and her team are excited to provide more services and referrals to industry experts.


"We are a professional corporation, so we strive to provide our customers a partner that provides them with all financial services and expertise, in a flexible engagement."

Rose Araghchy, CPA

President, R2 Advisors  

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