WhatsApp permits people to revise notes for up to fifteen minutes of mailing

May 24, 2023: WhatsApp now permits people to revise messages, replicating a feature other messaging apps offer, such as Telegram and Signal.

On Monday,  an update announced the Meta-owned app said messages could be edited for up to 15 minutes following being sent.

The new feature is anticipated to roll out to WhatsApp’s nearly 2 billion users within the forthcoming weeks.

“From correcting a simple misspelling which extra context to a message, we’re excited to bring you more control regarding your chats,” the company wrote in a blog post Monday.

“All you need to do is press on a sent text and choose ‘Edit’ from the menu for up to fifteen minutes following,” it added.

Altered, the enquires will appear “edited,” which tells recipients that a change has been made. They will, therefore, not be shown how the message has been adjusted.

Several competitor messaging apps, like Signal and Telegram, already offer message editing features. Therefore, Twitter also provides a 30-minute message which edits the window to the subscribers of its Twitter Blue service.

Meta owns Facebook and Instagram and has been noted for its efforts to duplicate competitor apps regarding recent years, some to more significant avail than others.

In 2013, the company introduced Instagram Stories 2016 to overall success, following its failed attempt to purchase ephemeral photo app Snapchat. However, the business terminated later efforts to copy the neighborhood communication app Nextdoor and celebrity video app Cameo.

The company is reportedly preparing to launch a Twitter replica as early as June, focusing on “creators and public figures.”

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