Walmart will include thousands of EV charging levels in funds by this decade

April 10, 2023: On Thursday, Walmart announced its plans to add electric vehicle charging stations to many U.S. stores by this decade.

The company announced expanding its EV fast-charging network to Walmart and Sam’s Club locations nationwide, adding to the almost 1,300 EV stations currently operating at 280 locations. Walmart did not provide more detail on the investments.

The big-box retailer stated that it’s in the process of identifying suppliers. It plans to own and operate EV charging stations in its national network. Reuters reported that the company expects an average of four chargers to be put at each participating market.

In the past, Walmart is working with EV charger providers EVgo and Electrify America. The company has developed its network substantially in the last two years.

“Easy availability to on-the-go charging is a game-changer for drivers who have been hesitant to buy an EV for concerns they would not be able to find a charger in a clear, bright and safe place when required,” Vishal Kapadia, senior vice president of energy change, said in a statement.

The decided expansion is making EV ownership more reliable, Kapadia said. According to the company, Walmart’s more than 4,700 stores and 600 Sam’s Clubs are located within 10 miles of around 90% of Americans.

The Biden administration recently stated an investment of over $7.5 billion in launching a national charging network, particularly in lower-income and rural communities. This will likely improve EV sales, which accounted for 7% of the recent U.S. vehicle registrations.

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