The U.S. is studying Tesla for steering wheels that can decrease

March 9, 2023: U.S. auto safety regulators have examined Tesla’s Model Y SUV, after which gets two complaints that the steering wheels are coming off while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that the probe covers 120,000 cars from the 2023 model year.

In both cases, the agency said that the Model Ys were delivered to customers with a missed bolt that holds the wheel to the steering column. A friction reach held the steering wheels on, but they got differentiated when force was exerted while the SUVs were being driven.

The agency stated in documents posted on its website Wednesday that both incidents happened through the SUVs had low mileage.

In one complaint filed with NHTSA, an owner stated that he was driving with his family on Route 1 in Woodbridge, New Jersey, when the steering wheel suddenly came off on January 29, five days after the vehicle was bought. The owner wrote that no cars were behind him, and he could pull toward the road divider. There were no injuries.

The complaint has connected to a Twitter posting from the owner that is allowing a video of the detached which is steering wheel and pictures of the white Tesla being towed.

Initially, a Tesla service centre gave the owner a cost estimate of $103.96 for repairing the problem. The service centre apologized in what appeared to be text messages posted on Twitter.

When the owner reported that he had lost faith in Tesla and questioned a refund, the service centre removed the charge and stated that Tesla would not return policy, but he could hit the sales and delivery team.

The man was given the option of keeping the car or replacing it with a recent one, according to his post on Twitter. He posted that Tesla did return his vehicle.

The investigation further stated Tesla’s long string of issues with the U.S. road safety agency. In the previous three years, it has revealed investigations of Tesla’s “Autopilot” driver-assist system, which crashes into parked emergency vehicles and issues with suspensions. At least 14 Teslas crashed into emergency vehicles using the Autopilot system.

The agency is investigating complaints that Teslas can brake suddenly for no reason.

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