The U.S. hits limitations on Chinese chipmakers and different firms over national security concerns

The U.S. hits limitations on Chinese chipmakers and different firms over national security concerns

December 19, 2022: -On Thursday, the Biden administration said it was “severely” restricting dozens of primarily Chinese organizations, including at least one chipmaker, more than their efforts to use cutting-edge technologies to help modernize China’s military.

The 36 entities face “stringent license requirements” hampering their access to certain U.S. is producing commodities, software, and technologies, including artificial intelligence and computing, the Commerce Department’s agency of Industry and Security added in a press release.

The Bureau’s recent action occurred two months after the Biden administration imposed recent curbs on China’s access to advanced semiconductors.

The agency said that the recent designations also aim at Russia-linked entities helping that country’s military invasion of Ukraine.

The actions protecting U.S. national security to squelch Beijing’s ability to “leverage artificial intelligence, more than computing, and other powerful, available technologies for military modernization and human rights is abusing,” Alan Estevez, Commerce undersecretary for Industry and Security, stated.

“This work will continue, as will many efforts to detect and disrupt Russia’s efforts to get necessary items and technologies and different items for its brutal war against Ukraine, which included from Iran,” Estevez said.

One of the companies said that the well-known entity area was Yangtze Memory Technologies Corporation, or YMTC, a critical Chinese chipmaker that had been added to the U.S. Unverified List, one more trade-restricting designation.

“I’ve long sounded the warning on the grave national security and economic threats regarding YMTC and different CCP-backed technology firms, such as CXMT,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., stated in a report on Thursday.

“YMTC poses a sequel to our national security, regarding the Biden Administration, wants to act swiftly preventing YMTC from gaining even an inch of a military or financial advantage,” Schumer stated.

Another entity was added for its involvement in human rights abuses China against Uyghurs and Muslim groups all over Xinjiang and for allegedly supporting Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is giving U.S. items.

The Biden administration stated that it would lift a few restrictions on a net of 25 Chinese entities complying with U.S. checks to verify that it is exporting goods in use the way the entities are claiming.

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