The U.S. approves three individuals following a series of missile launches in North Korea

The U.S. approves three individuals following a series of missile launches in North Korea

December 6, 2022: -On Thursday, the Biden administration reported that it sanctions three people for their work in increasing weapons of mass destruction and ballistic related to missile programs for North Korea.

The Treasury Department was assigned to the Workers’ group of Korean officials Jon Il Ho, Yu Jin and Kim Su Gil for their “huge roles in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s growth of weapons of huge destruction.” Treasury further said that these officials “personally attended many missile launches since nearly 2017.”

The Biden administration added that the sanctions were brought together with South Korea and Japan. The sanctions follow a similar move brought by the European Union in April.

“The latest launches demonstrate the need to completely implement U.N. Security Council resolutions in all the countries, intending to prevent the DPRK from getting the technologies, materials, and revenue Pyongyang need to develop its banned weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile abilities,” Brian Nelson, the Treasury undersecretary terrorism and economic intelligence stated in a release.

The sanctions are following renewed North Korean ballistic missile tests. Pyongyang is launching eight intercontinental missiles and carries 60 ballistic missile tests.

In October, North Korea removed numerous ballistic missiles. One of those travelled 2,800 miles, a distance that brings the U.S. territory of Guam from its trajectory before trickling down into the Pacific Ocean.

The provocative October 5 test prompted calls from the White House national security adviser to his Japanese and South Korean areas. President Biden doomed the missile test in spoke with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and talked about how to “limit North Korea’s ability to help its unlawful ballistic missile and weapons of huge destruction programs,” the White House readout of the call stated.

The test was answered with a volley of missiles from the U.S. and South Korea. Simultaneously, the Pentagon added that the four rockets were established into the waters of the east area of the Korean Peninsula.

Below Kim Jong Un, the reclusive state has made its most powerful nuclear test, launched its initial-ever intercontinental ballistic missile and is threatening to send missiles into the waters.

Since 2011, Kim has launched over 100 missiles and guided four nuclear weapons tests, exceeding what his father and grandfather established for over two decades.

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