The exec stated that Amazon is not bothered about the surge of international unionizing due to competitive earnings and uses

May 12, 2023: A top Amazon executive stated that the group is not looking for an international unionization spiral because the e-commerce firm has competitive pay and benefits.

The comments state amid high-profile efforts in the U.S. and U.K. from Amazon warehouse employees to form unions.

Stefano Perego, vice president of customer to fulfil and global ops services for North America and Europe at Amazon, stated that the company’s pay and profits are attractive.

“As long as offering competitive pay invaluable benefits, we don’t think that our people will opt to be represented, but this is their choice,” Perego said in an interview on Tuesday.

There is a rising push for unionization from Amazon workers.

Workers at an Amazon site in Coventry, a city in the U.K., staged the initial industrial action in January. The employees have demanded legal union recognition, allowing them to bargain with Amazon over wages collectively. The workers are unsatisfied with their wage increases, which they say need more.

And last year, a group of workers in New York’s Staten Island was the first to vote in favour of unionizing at a U.S. facility run by Amazon. Amazon is resisting unionization efforts in the U.S.

So far, unions’ efforts have failed to galvanize a wave of unionization globally as many had hoped.

Perego stated that Amazon is not worried about the rise of unions.

“No, I’m not concerned because, again, it is a choice our people have to make, and we know that we are competitive,” Perego stated.

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