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Carlos de Quesada
CEO at InSync Healthcare Solutions

It’s evident that InSync’s fully-integrated, cloud-based solutions are experiencing an exciting time of growth and increased impact on the healthcare technology market.

Less than a decade ago, nearly nine in ten doctors recorded patient’s medical charts solely on paper files. Now, almost 60 percent of physicians report using an electronic medical record (EMR) system and approximately 80 percent of office-based providers have adopted an EMR solution in their practice. Additionally, the adoption of EMRs among office-based physicians has doubled from 42 percent to 83 percent since 2008.

Although more doctors have made the 

switch from paper to electronic records, the process of weaning off paper records to an entirely electronic system is far from a simple one. Often times, the obstacles within the first-time EMR adoption process are enough to discourage paper offices from making the switch to EMR altogether. And while these obstacles appear daunting, the technological evolution of EMR systems and their specific features can help practices overcome any potential barriers to making the switch to EMR.

Adopting an EMR system is no small decision, especially for medical practices making an EMR purchase for the first time. The switch from paper records to electronic records understandably can make practices feel uneasy and nervous about the transition. However, despite these common obstacles, there are practical solutions to overcoming these challenges. Not only will these solutions help ease the fears of first-time EMR adopters, but they also will enable these practices to seamlessly transition into the future of healthcare and digital records.

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a preeminent provider of MU-2 certified integrated EMR and practice management software, revenue cycle management services, and medical transcription services to thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

Tailored According to Client Preferences

The obstacles to overcome for the EMR adoption include High Costs of Purchasing/Using an EMR System and Financially, cloud-based systems offer much greater flexibility for healthcare providers compared to on-premise solutions; Secondly, many physicians that stay away from EMR systems cite their familiarity with the paper records system they’ve had in place for years. Between the significant switch from paper to electronic and learning an entirely new system, practices may worry an EMR purchase will only slow them down; Thirdly, with the shift toward value-based care, patient engagement is becoming the most important aspect of healthcare. However, EMRs are often blamed for decreasing patient engagement. In fact, a 2014 Medscape report discovered that 70 percent of doctors claimed their EMR system “reduces face-to-face time with their patients,” Lastly, every practice is different, requiring different and specific needs from their healthcare technology software. During the initial rise in EMR adoption, a lot of practices rushed to the first EMR systems they could find. Many of those were generic, big-box solutions that were not designed for specialty physicians. The key to finding a system that will meet specific practice needs is to implement an EMR that’s flexible, not rigid.

InSync’s electronic medical records specifically engineered for primary care are loaded with robust templates that make documentation easy for physicians. These templates cover the most common complaints and diagnoses, empowering doctors to spend less time on the chart and more time focused on the patient. Increase documentation speed and improve efficiency with InSync’s EMR software. Whether it’s documenting specific patient notes, reviewing a patient summary or prescribing medications, all of a primary care physician’s necessary tasks are easily accessible on a single screen. By leveraging the browser-based technology of InSync’s EMR, providers can chart on-the-go and work the way they want from wherever they want.

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of MU-2 certified integrated electronic medical records and practice management software, while also offering revenue cycle management and medical transcription services to thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the United States. The company has leveraged advanced technology, best-in-class partnerships and proven business processes to provide services and solutions that translate into greater efficiency for healthcare organizations. “It’s evident that InSync’s fully-integrated, cloud-based solutions are experiencing an exciting time of growth and increased impact on the healthcare technology market,” says Carlos de Quesada, InSync’s CEO.

Carlos focuses on driving innovation and leading InSync’s overall company strategy. A serial entrepreneur, Carlos is also the Director for three other Tampa Bay-based companies, including Alegra Motorsports.

Motorsports & InSync

InSync Healthcare Solutions, one of the leading provider of cloud-based healthcare technology software, has played an important role in the success of Alegra Motorsports on winning the GT class of the Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway. The multi-championship winning team was made up of Carlos de Quesada (2007 Daytona GT winner), Michael de Quesada (2016 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama Gold Champion), Jesse Lazare (2016 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama Platinum Champion), Daniel Morad (2016 Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Yokohama and IMSA North American Champion), and Michael Christensen (Porsche Factory Driver).

“It was just unbelievable for us. We had the right team, the right drivers, the right equipment,” says Carlos who alongside being the CEO of InSync Healthcare Solutions is also the Team Principal of Alegra Motorsports. “We also couldn’t have done it without our key sponsors and their unwavering commitment to excellence in both the race track and in their respective industries.” Alegra Motorsports is a championship-winning team, competing in race series across North America. With a 20-year motorsport history, Alegra Motorsports is not just committed to winning races, but also to preserving the history of vintage Motorsports. Over the 2017 season, they are supported by key sponsors, Porsche Centre Oakville – Canada’s Premier Porsche Dealer and InSync Health Care Solutions.

Alegra Motorsports will expand into a two-car operation in Blancpain GT World Challenge America, having confirmed a pair of Porsche 911 GT3 Rs for the new-look championship. Ex-Porsche factory drivers Wolf Henzler and Marco Holzer will team up in Alegra’s GT3 Pro class entry, with the team of Michael de Quesada, who will co-drive alongside Daniel Morad for the Blancpain GT World Challenge America season, resulting in a two-car GT3 Pro class effort by the Florida-based team. Alegra had previously announced that team owner Carlos de Quesada would partner Morad in the Pro-Am entry with a new-for-2019 Porsche 911 GT3 R, alongside the team’s sister Porsche of Wolf Henzler and Marco Holzer.

Becoming a Market Leader

Showcasing InSync’s capabilities is an instance, where based the Portland, Oregon area based, Recovery Works Northwest who is a certified alcohol and drug treatment center that combines both the use of current medically assisted therapies and intensive drug and alcohol counseling incorporated InSync into their working and gained benefit. Jen Robbins, the Program Manager at Recovery Works Northwest, arrived at the practice a few years ago and quickly realized it lacked efficiency in the important areas. Much of that had to do with the practice failing to implement a fully-integrated system. The solution? Find EMR software that was capable of handling all three core functionalities. Once she came across InSync Healthcare Solutions and its fully integrated, cloud-based mental health software, the decision was easy. In addition to the ease in which InSync scanned patient IDs and verified insurance, Robbins was also impressed with how it streamlined the entire scheduling process.

“How the scheduling was set up was really impressive – the ease of checking patients in and seeing everyone’s schedules,” explains Robbins. “I was impressed by the simplicity, as well as the nifty touches I hadn’t seen before from other software. It shows in our growth that InSync has helped make our office more efficient.” Robbins further states, “When we started with InSync two years ago, we had about 150 patients. And now we have more than 650 patients. InSync has made the office more efficient and we’re able to bring in more revenue, which has led to us adding another location last year.” According to Robbins, if there’s one word to describe the high level of InSync’s customer support, it would be “accessible.”

InSync’s MD On-Line (MDOL) is a powerful, fully integrated EMR and Practice Management system that provides practice-wide workflow automation, which improves bottom-line results by streamlining care processes. The simple, intuitive and integrated solution enables healthcare professionals to provide superior patient care and enhance compliance with regulatory requirements while operating a more efficient and profitable practice.

MDOL, strongly believes in simple, no-hassle solutions that work for customers with advances in technology that have the ability to make life simpler. The company has also leveraged state-of-the-art technology and proven business processes to provide services and solutions that can translate into better efficiency for an organization, dramatic reduction in cost and most importantly, enhanced patient care.

InSync includes a complete practice management system which provides a superior return on investment by improving efficiency, profitability and the quality of patient care. The InSync calendar streamlines the appointment scheduling process according to the availability of the physicians. Their user-friendly and intuitive user interface promotes ease of use, ease of training and efficiency in managing all the important functions of a modern office. InSync provides a user-friendly EMR solution which helps increase the quality of care, decrease medical errors, reduce operational cost and improve regulatory compliance across an entire organization. MDOL’s intuitive interface and easy charting can be customized to reflect their clinical needs and personal preferences. The EMR workflow allows proper documentation and completeness of the patient encounter while reducing liability.

The company has leveraged advanced technology, best-in-class partnerships, and proven business processes to provide services and solutions that translate into better efficiency for healthcare organizations. For the days to come, InSync wants to support a wide range of leading hospitals, medical clinics and physician practices, including some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in the nation.


Carlos de Quesada

CEO at InSync Healthcare Solutions

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