Supporting & Encouraging | Ruthie Lee-Esene

Supporting & Encouraging | Ruthie Lee-Esene

Ruthie Lee-Esene

Principal & CEO

Transparency, growth mindset, and emotional intelligence are the core qualities that define Ruthie Lee-Esene, Principal & CEO of Sirvist’s unique ideology. For Ruthie, relationships are important, but the right relationship is crucial. “The people that are part of your inner circle are your greatest support and your greatest critic- they are your critical thinkers. The critical thinkers bring you the transparency you need to be truth to yourself, your clients and have the ability to encourage you to do the right things when other will not like you,” she explains.

“A growth mindset has allowed me to take every opportunity as a learning experience and anything that needs to be transform or reinventing as an opportunity to add value to someone. Today more than ever you have to have the ability to manage your own emotions and be there to help aid someone else.

A Robust Solution

According to Peter Moore, security is of the utmost importance in the industry and at every level in his business, from customer data and GDPR, to payments security. It’s Lolly takes security incredibly seriously, and payment processes are part of their daily workflows and activity. They work with leading partners, such as Optomany, NMI Clover, and Worldpay, to ensure customer payments are as frictionless as they can be.

Additionally, the team at It’s Lolly share their expertise and educational resources on payments and security to help hospitality providers get to grips with evolving payment regulations and security within their own business.

With simple to use, powerful cloud analytics, including stock inventory management, the company provides clients’ a system according to their needs, whether it’s a single site, or multiple outlets, inside, or outside. “No matter whether we are working with a large or small client, single or multiple sites, temporary or pop-up, we have the same approach. It’s all about listening and developing a deep understanding of the specific business and environment,” explains Peter. “It’s a discovery process; we get to know their workflows, their workspace, and their priorities and then set about creating a bespoke plan to meet their needs.”

There are multiple aspects to this development journey. All of It’s Lolly’s solutions are created to be flexible, durable, and facilitate growth, as every tool can be integrated into the Lolly ecosystem. They always consider current needs and budget, as well as potential future needs. It’s Lolly aims to bring enterprise-level solutions to smaller hospitality businesses, so its cloud-based back-office office and all solutions can be made to work at every level and deliver real benefits. With more complex, large projects, they create bespoke software to meet targeted demands and this often inspires them to develop products they can launch into a more comprehensive product portfolio.

Snapserve, It’s Lolly’s cashierless, AI checkout, which launched at the beginning of this year, is a technology the company is particularly excited about. It has tremendous potential to support seamless, clean, and fast service in corporate catering environments and revolutionise the staff canteen. “In general though, no matter how revolutionary or ‘traditional’ it is, technology must be delivered in the most accessible and beneficial way,” explains Peter. “The fact that we offer complete end-to-end, seamlessly integrated hospitality technology solutions and tools is proving to be the foundation of our growth and is taking us to the next level.”

Serving Clients with Best-in-class Solutions

It’s Lolly brings the entire digital hospitality journey together, creating a seamless, engaging journey for the consumer and easing the work of the hospitality provider. They don’t buy or utilise technology from third-party partners. Instead, It’s Lolly manages and runs its own apps, and their products exist in a watertight ecosystem that is constantly evolving and developing. It’s Lolly is continuously innovating to ensure they are top in their field and bringing the best to customers. Some of their client’s feedback is as below:

“If there were any issues the Lolly support team was able to help the site managers to resolve these very quickly and efficiently.” Sam Hicks, Head of Food Services at BMW

“The team shows a flexible approach to advanced EPoS technology solutions and a targeted product offering. We have big plans when it comes to how we will support Southampton FC and we hope to replicate these across further stadia moving forward, with Lolly as our preferred supplier.” Raj Jeyaratnam, head of technology at Gather & Gather

There was a point last year where the company won a huge client, and they identified It’s Lolly’s offering and attitude to be on another level to legacy-type systems and other providers. To have this recognition was fantastic, and their team was able to deliver and exceed their expectations in the implementation and roll-out of the project.

They are focusing on new payment digitalisation, with Pin on Glass, e-commerce, QR tableside payment, and combined PoS/payment hardware that make the future of payments more accessible to hospitality providers and improve consumer ordering payment experience.

Allergen alarms and food carbon footprint indicators are something they are introducing in the near future. They will be inbuilt into app and PoS software, linking to consumer app accounts, and in It’s Lolly’s table management platform. These tools will help improve the safety of consumers, support hospitality businesses in their allergen management, and enable customers to make sustainability-focused choices. Peter adds: “It’s always a process of innovating and identifying the best-in-class technology here at Lolly, so you’ll have to watch this space to see our latest launch

Supporting & Encouraging | Ruthie Lee-Esene

Ruthie Lee-Esene Award

" A growth mindset has allowed me to take every opportunity as a learning experience and anything that needs to be transform or reinventing as an opportunity to add value to someone. "

Ruthie Lee-Esene

Principal & CEO

The corporate magazine cover page Aug 2022
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