Star Quarterback's Spiritual Venture: Dak Prescott Teams with Local Company to Launch Tequila Brand

Following in the footsteps of athletes like George Clooney and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has ventured into spirits. Prescott has partnered with Dallas-based beverage company Zamora Company USA to introduce Tequila Volteo, a new premium tequila brand poised to capitalize on the surging popularity of agave-based liquors.

This collaboration represents a strategic alliance between seasoned industry players and rising sports heroes. Zamora Company USA, the American arm of Spanish beverage giant Zamora Family Group, boasts a portfolio of established brands like Licor 43 and Yellow Rose Whiskey. Prescott, meanwhile, brings his considerable star power and loyal fanbase to the table, leveraging his image as a charismatic leader and successful entrepreneur.

Tequila Volteo will launch with three expressions: a crisp blanco, a smooth reposado, and a unique Cristalino. Developed in collaboration with Destileria Casa De Piedra, a family-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, the tequila promises an authentic, high-quality experience rooted in traditional methods. Moreover, Volteo emphasizes its commitment to using organic, additive-free ingredients, catering to the growing consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable products.

Prescott’s involvement extends beyond mere brand ambassadors. He reportedly played an active role in the development process, lending his taste and insights to shape the final product. This hands-on approach reflects his genuine passion for tequila and his ambition to build a successful brand within the competitive landscape.

The launch of Tequila Volteo is slated for later this year, with targeted marketing campaigns expected to leverage Prescott’s image and the undeniable allure of Dallas Cowboys fandom. Whether Volteo can carve a niche in the crowded tequila market remains to be seen. Still, the strategic partnership between Prescott and Zamora Company USA suggests a promising and dynamic venture.

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