SoftBank stated that Artificial intelligence will overtake human IQ in 30 yrs

September 18, 2023: Artificial intelligence is competent of helping solve a few of the world’s biggest issues and could reach the intelligence of humankind, the SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son stated.

“I think this is the first time that mankind experienced something smarter than mankind itself,” he said ahead of Arm Holdings’ Nasdaq debut Thursday. “Mankind was the smartest animal on the earth, AI will surpass and surpass big time.”

The SoftBank founder and CEO called himself a “big believer” in AI, adding that Arm is a “core” beneficiary of the AI revolution. Son said he’s been an ardent supporter of microprocessors that enable technological evolution since he started SoftBank.

Arm’s initial public offering Thursday may end a two-year-long drought in large-scale technology initial public offerings. The IPO market ground to a halt along with tech stocks starting in early 2022, just as the Federal Reserve embarked on its most dramatic round of credit tightening in 40 years.

The 66-year-old founded SoftBank, which still controls about 90% of Arm Holdings after the IPO, in 1981 after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley. Forbes estimates his net worth at over $24 billion, making him the world’s 69th richest person.

Son made his early reputation as a backer of Japan’s mobile phone industry and became one of the first backers of Yahoo and Alibaba. Son continues to serve as the chairman of Arm’s board of directors.

To be sure, AI does pose some threats to humanity if mishandled, Son said, likening its potential misuse to the dangers of speeding or drinking alcohol while driving a car. But, more positively, AI can also help solve critical world problems like diseases or help mitigate or recover from natural disasters, he said.

“AI, society should regulate to protect humankind,” Son said. “However, it has more merit than the demerits. So, I think I’m a believer. I’m optimistic that AI will solve the issues that humanity couldn’t solve in the past.”

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