Shanghai Disney is closing down for Covid, and visitors are incapable of leaving

November 2, 2022: On Monday, Shanghai’s Disney Resort instantly suspended operations to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures, with visitors at the time of the announcement stating to stay in the park until they tested negative for the disease.

The report said it would instantly shut the central theme park and surrounding areas, which include its shopping street, until the extended notice to comply with virus curbs.

The Shanghai government stated on its official WeChat account that the park was barring people from coming or going and that all visitors inside the park would need to wait for the results of their tests before leaving.

It said anyone who had come to the park since October 27 would need to test for Covid-19 thrice a day for three days.

Social media users stated that the theme park is looking to operate rides for visitors stuck in the park in the closed area.

A Shanghai Disney Resort person said the resort was being operated with “limited offerings” and that they were looking for measures in line with guidelines from Chinese health authorities.

On Saturday, the resort said it had started operating with a reduced workforce to comply with Covid measures.

Shanghai reported ten locally transmitted cases for October 30, all of which were people without symptoms.

The closure marks the recent disruption for the Shanghai Disney Resort, which closed earlier this year for more than three months in Shanghai’s lockdown.

The park was also locked for two days in November in the previous year, with more than 30,000 visitors stuck inside following authorities’ order for all of them to be tested in a contact tracing exercise.

On Monday, Videos circulating on China’s Weibo platform showed people rushing to the locked gates of the park.

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