PANASOL USA Earns Go Global Award in the EnergyTech Sector

In a testament to its pioneering efforts in the renewable energy landscape, PANASOL USA, a state-of-the-art solar panel manufacturing facility under construction in Texas, has secured a coveted award in the EnergyTech category of the esteemed Go Global Awards. This acknowledgment, bestowed by the International Trade Council, signifies the company’s significant contributions to advancing sustainable energy solutions and its potential for global impact.

The 2023 Go Global Awards, held annually by the International Trade Council and hosted by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, brought together over 500 companies from 83 countries and 46 economic development agencies, fostering collaboration and showcasing achievements in international trade. This prestigious event served as a platform for recognition, networking, and knowledge sharing within the global business community.

PANASOL USA’s selection for the EnergyTech award garnered praise from the distinguished judging panel, who applauded the company’svision, determination, and unwavering commitment to innovation within the solar energy realm. “The International Trade Council is proud to recognize such a pioneering and environmentally conscious effort,” stated Ranjani Rangan, Chairperson Elect for the council. She further emphasized that the award represents a “monumental achievement” for PANASOL, exemplifying the company’s remarkable journey and dedication to sustainable progress.

The company’s journey began with the combined efforts of UK-based Renergia Holdings Ltd., led by founder Ricardo Jimenez and his colleague Jorge Enrique Paniagua. Driven by a shared vision for a cleaner future, their collaboration resulted in the establishment of PANASOL USA, a venture poised to make a significant mark on the North American renewable energy landscape.

The Texas-based facility, once operational, will utilize cutting-edge technology to manufacture high-efficiency solar panels. This positions PANASOL USA to contribute to the growing demand for clean energy solutions within the United States and opens doors for potential expansion into international markets, aligning with the spirit of the Go Global Awards.

In conclusion, PANASOL USA’s receipt of the Go Global Award in the EnergyTech sector signals a promising future for the company and its innovative approach to sustainable energy production. This recognition catalyzes further growth and underscores the company’s potential to contribute meaningfully to the global transition toward a greener future.

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