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Phil Fogarty Jr.

President & CEO of PSA Security

An innovative mind with steadfast leadership can be used best to describe Phil Fogarty Jr., President & CEO of PSA Security Vision. Phil’s ability to be calm, especially in times of panic, is remarkable. In the face of challenge, Phil can bring a team together to find solutions where others cannot. PSA Security was founded in 2008. With their corporate office located in Patchogue Village, PSA has produced a locally recognized brand as a top provider of Security Guard Services on Long Island.

With over a decade in the industry and years of experience, PSA provides clients with excellent service. PSA has culminated into Long Island’s top security guard company and has elevated the quality of security guards to a professional level unmatched within the industry from suit and tie to uniformed presence. Its mission is to maintain the highest level of skill in the industry, focusing on safety while providing superior customer satisfaction. It is pertinent to mention that PSA employs only the most qualified candidates, including civilians, military veterans, former and active law enforcement officers, and other emergency services professionals. “At PSA, we believe in quality first, which is achieved by strong management and constant training,” says Phil.

According to Phil, meeting with clients regularly keeps the clients informed and updated on current issues. “We listen to all concerns and/or problems they may be experiencing. Every client is assigned an account supervisor that is available to the client 24 hours a day,” he says. “Account supervisors are always ready to assist. If your business does not require an on-site supervisor, PSA also provides constant checkups routinely to ensure you’re always receiving the best possible level of service.” One of PSA’s innovative solutions was providing a new service for their clients, Social Distance Monitors—which played a key role in their 2020 sales during the pandemic.

PSA is working towards providing all their clients the best quality service possible, keeping their assets and guests safe. They have consciously decided to increase their field supervision, organically improving their Guards’ overall performance which resulted in naturally improved quality of service. “We also made It a priority to visit our locations and clients weekly, sometimes daily. These visits reassured our clients that they have the right people protecting their assets, people, and property,” says Phil.

All their personnel Training is instructed by PSA’s partner, Tim Neary. “Tim had an incredible military career and was a FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) lead instructor in their Criminal Investigator Training Program. We further train by having our supervisors continue training in the field while the guards are on the post.” Phil goes on to explain that ownership is directly involved in on-the-job training. Alongside all the guards are reviewed constantly by supervisors during every interaction. Constant Training is provided on Access control, guest management systems, use of force, hospitality, de-escalation tactics, loss prevention, and customer service. “Competition will always be a factor. We combat our competitors by focusing on PSA Security. We do not allow what our competitors do to distract us. Our three guiding principles are Service, Integrity, and Respect,” explains Phil. “We focus on making sure we are providing exceptional service to each of our clients.

We never compromise on integrity.

We respect our clients and equally respect our employees. In addition, we are willing to do things others are not.” In most PSA’s case studies, the common denominator was a client suffering some loss. PSA identifies the weak point or cause of the loss, then executes a plan to stop the loss permanently with innovative solutions. The benefit is the client’s peace of mind and a return of profitability. In one specific case study, Phil was brought into a business to assess the entire operation. After the assessment, solutions were proposed, accepted, then implemented. After improvements were made to the client’s operation in areas such as; labor time accountability, fleet management and tracking systems, and some risk management solutions, the client saved upwards of 1.4 Million dollars within one year and 2.5 Million dollars saved in the second year.

The company’s biggest achievement was PSA Security surviving and staying in business through a global pandemic. “Gaining the trust of our personnel made that happen and resulted in doubling our annual sales.” The new plan for PSA Security is to announce many new expanded services available to every client. During Covid, PSA Security saw many clients dealing with many other companies that could not deliver on many various trades. Having experience in industries such as Access control, Guest management systems, Entry barriers, Estate gates, and CCTV surveillance systems PSA Security transitioned to an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop to better serve their clients. PSA Security plans to launch a new marketing campaign soon to publicly announce these new services, available with one phone call.

PSA Security was the first private security firm in New York State to be awarded a government contract for social distance monitors when covid first impacted the world. “To our knowledge, we are the first private company in the country to receive such a contract. PSA Security’s accomplishments would not be possible without our business partners & managers that stayed with us every day over the last 18 months including Tim Neary, Rich Arnao, Alex Fogarty and Heather Arnao,” says Phil.


“At PSA, we believe in quality first, which is achieved by strong management and constant training.”

Phil Fogarty Jr.

President & CEO of PSA Security

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