Nearly 68 were destroyed in Nepal's most harmful air impact in 30 years

Nearly 68 were destroyed in Nepal's most harmful air impact in 30 years

January 17, 2023: On Sunday, the slightest 68 people were killed when a domestic flight attacked in Pokhara in Nepal, the government’s Civil Aviation Authority said, in the worst air attack in three decades in the tiny Himalayan nation.

Hundreds of rescue workers scour the hillside where the Yeti Airlines flight, which carried 72 people from the capital Kathmandu, went down.

Local TV showed rescue workers scrambling nearly broken sections of the aircraft. A few pieces of ground near the crash site were scorched, with licks of flames visible.

The crash is Nepal’s deadliest from 1992, the Aviation Safety Network database stated, when a Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A300 crashed into a hillside upon which approaches Kathmandu, killing all 167 people on board.

The aviation authority stated that the aircraft contacted the airport from Seti Gorge at 10:50 a.m. “Then it crashed.”

Police official Ajay K.C. stated that rescue workers had difficulty reaching the site in a gorge amid two hills near the tourist city’s airport.

“Half of the flight is on the hillside,” stated Arun Tamu, a resident, who told Reuters he hit the site minutes after the plane went down. “The other half has decreased into the gorge of the Seti River.”

Khum Bahadur Chhetri stated that he saw from the roof of his place as the flight contacted.

“I experienced the plane trembling, which moves left and right, and then all of a sudden it nosedived, and it went into the waste,” Chhetri stated, adding that residents which takes two passengers to a hospital.

The government is setting up a panel to search for the cause of the crash, and it is anticipated to report within 45 days, the finance minister, Bishnu Paudel, told reporters.

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