Meta rolls out higher-priced quest 3 headset, just ahead of Apple's Vision pro

October 02, 2023:Meta has unveiled the Quest 3, the successor to the best-selling VR headset of all time, on Wednesday.

 Priced at $499, it comes with a $200 increase compared to its predecessor. Still, it boasts a more potent Qualcomm chip, enhanced screens, and a feature called “passthrough,” which is anticipated to be a key feature in Apple’s competing Vision Pro headset.

On Wednesday, Preorders will commence, with shipments starting on October 10. The defining feature of the Quest 3 is its ability to seamlessly show the real world while using the headset, reducing isolation and increasing comfort for prolonged use. When using an application on the Quest 3, a double-tap on any part of the headset transitions you to “passthrough” mode.

Additional enhancements include “pancake lenses,” optical technology first seen in Meta’s $1,499 Quest Pro, delivering crisper images and higher resolution.

 Meta’s latest VR headset release coincides with an impending competition with Apple in the virtual reality space. Many in the tech industry believe Apple’s entry could expand the VR market, similar to how the iPhone revolutionized smartphones.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, currently holds the lead with its Quest 2, which sold nearly 10 million units last year, slightly down from its pandemic peak, according to industry estimates. Apple’s Vision Pro headset won’t be available until next year and comes at a significantly higher starting price of $3,499.

Despite Meta’s successful sales, it remains uncertain how many Quest 2 owners use the headset daily or weekly, and the killer app or essential VR scenario has yet to emerge. Meta has invested over $21 billion in its Reality Labs division, focusing on headset development and VR software.

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