Leading with A Cause | Nichole Daher

Leading with A Cause | Nichole Daher

Nichole Daher

Founder & CEO, SOS Franchising

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, it is common for the doctor to recommend ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis, as a treatment. ABA is considered (one of) the most effective therapies for autism. ABA is a scientifically-proven method of teaching that helps autistic children learn new skills and reduce problem behaviors. It is pertinent to mention; the diagnosis rate of Autism is increasing much faster than the number of ABA treatment providers. Unfortunately, today, there are only enough ABA companies to treat 33% of the children who need it.

The Beginning

As the mother of an autistic child, Nichole Daher became frustrated with the lack of therapy options available for her child. As a trained medical professional in her own right, Nichole Daher decided to do something. 

Her passion and determination to help autistic children, like her daughter, fueled her mission to create more accessible care.

In 2015, She founded Success On The Spectrum (SOS), the first comprehensive Autism Treatment franchise in the US. Nichole opened up her first Success On The Spectrum location in Houston, which became full within 6 months. After expanding her offices, they filled up again within 6 months. Even building a second location, twice the size of the first, didn’t slow down the number of new clients coming to Success On The Spectrum, as this center too was at capacity after 9 months.

Knowing that she could never meet the demand alone, Nichole founded SOS Franchising as a way to make ABA care more available across the country, expanding from her original two locations to over 22 Success On The Spectrum centers in 2021. Her new passion is to train other business owners to open and operate high-quality Autism Treatment centers, so even more kids can access ABA therapy.

With the help of a top-notch team, Success On The Spectrum is now setting the standards for high-quality treatment and blazing a trail for excellence. As the first franchise of its kind, the Success On The Spectrum model is transforming the industry by creating healthcare centers that have a mom-and-pop feel but also the support and training one expects of a major medical facility.

SOS’s Community Outreach Program also attests to their mission to help children. Each month, Success On The Spectrum hosts free social events for the public, aiming to reduce the stigma around autism, spread Success On The Spectrum’s message, and provide fun activities for kids and parents alike. Among the most popular events are the Annual Autism Prom, Autism Festival, and Parent Training Workshops.

Guiding All

Nichole Daher has been blessed to have the support and encouragement of her mother and father, both of whom she accredits as being her role models throughout her life. From her mother, Ms. Daher says she learned the value of caring and giving back to others. From her father came an unwavering drive to work hard and never give up. And lastly, Ms. Daher’s daughter gave her the inspiration she needed to open SOS.

Nichole has been recognized for her leadership in the Autism world. She has been invited to be a guest speaker in numerous podcasts, Youtube channels, and as a panel speaker for conventions. Nichole produces inspirational videos geared towards motivating other mothers of austistic children to advocate for their child’s needs. Ms. Daher enjoys mentoring and providing free ABA training to autism parent. In 2021, Ms. Daher won the Top 100 HealthCare Leaders award from the International Forum in Advancements in Healthcare.

Nichole Daher is a strong supporter of women entrepreneurs and “paying it forward.” She works hard to provide opportunities to other aspiring female entrepreneurs by offering franchising opportunities through SOS. Many SOS franchisees are mothers of autistic children like herself, who now are also able to pursue a professional career in the field of autism therapy they are so passionate about.

Towards Success

“SOS focuses on providing the highest of standards of treatment, rather than quantity. Our operational standards ensure that our behavior technicians receive quality training, our Behavior Analysts provide superior supervision and training, and that our ABA programs follow the latest scientifically-proven methods.”

SOS is proud to hold the rare BHCOE Accreditation, proving a commitment to continuous improvement. SOS has been distinguished as a provider that cares about quality, parent satisfaction, and staff satisfaction.

SOS’s unique approach to ABA therapy has received numerous accolades and awards that include: the 2019 Houston Award in the Mental Health Clinic category by the Houston Award Program and the Best Behavioral Therapy Franchise 2020 by CV Magazine.

SOS will continue to grow and new locations will provide access to care for children across the country. Passionate franchisees will achieve profit with a purpose as we work toward a common goal.

Nichole Daher Award

“I’m on a mission to create access to care for children with Autism.”

Nichole Daher

Founder & CEO, SOS Franchising

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